Should We Mix CBD Oil With E-Liquid?

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Vaping is a fun and convenient way of consuming CBD, and there is no denial in it. While some vape fans think CBD-infused vape juices are ideal, others choose to combine CBD with their preferred CBD Vape Juice as an alternative. However, is mixing e-liquid and CBD a good option? 

Let’s dive in! 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural oil derived from the hemp plant. CBD is unique in interacting with an essential regulatory mechanism known as the endocannabinoid system. CBD Vape Oil has several health advantages, including creating balance and well-being in the body and mind for specific users.

The Ultimate Benefits of CBD

The following are some possible advantages of CBD oil for the body and mind. 

  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Enhances the quality of sleep
  • Slows racing thoughts

After the CBD has been extracted from the cannabis plant, you may use the cannabinoid in tinctures, sweets, topical oils, and capsules, among other items. Since CBD oil is so simple to use and can be applied topically or used orally, it is the most common form of CBD consumption. Similarly to this, CBD capsules make it simple to take CBD frequently. They’re portable and may be taken with or without meals. 

Is Mixing CBD and E-liquid a Good Option?

Yes, you can mix these two, but there are a few important considerations.

CBD vape shots are made to be blended with e-liquids like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. We would never recommend combining CBD with anything containing nicotine because it harms both the nicotine and the CBD. Because of the MCT carrier oil used as a foundation, CBD oils have the potential to cause substantial lung tissue damage when vapourised.

The other considerations are: 

Know about the Different Vape Juices 

There are a plethora of fruity CBD e-liquids available on the market. The most popular flavours (mixed berries, grape, lemon etc.) are widely accessible with high CBD concentrations. Our Cali Range is one of our most successful products, offering authentic flavours alongside a powerful hit of broad-spectrum CBD.

Read Labels Carefully before Mixing

Read the label and any other information about the oil you are purchasing. According to a study, only around half of the most widely used CBD oils contain the quantity of CBD listed on the label. Make sure the CBD oil you buy is always appropriate for vaping. Verify that your CBD oil is intended for inhalation and not for consumption.

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Here is how you can Mix CBD with E-liquid!

We’ll show you exactly how to combine CBD oil with e-liquid to make a high-quality CBD vape shot.

Required Materials!

  • A CBD booster injection                                     
  • Your favourite vaping device
  • Your preferred vape juice


  1. The next step is simply combining your CBD booster with the e-liquid of your choice and shaking it well. Before putting it in your vape tank, ensure the consistency is uniform. 
  2. Alternately, place the CBD vape shot into a separate container, add the e-liquid, and shake well before adding it to your vape.
  3. The potency of the CBD and your own preferences will determine how much CBD you apply to your tank. 
  4. One millilitre of CBD vape oil should be more than enough for one day’s use. If you’re hesitant, we advise starting with a small dosage and increasing it gradually until you experience the results.


That’s all of the important things you need to know about CBD e-liquid. Keep reading for more useful content regarding vaping!