Sela Tox 10 for skin care – A product overview

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Sela Tox 10 is a skin booster that is an effective replacement for Botox. This remedy is mainly used to eliminate age-related changes in the skin. The essence of the booster is that it increases the effect of the main care or speeds up its action. It helps the active ingredients in your beauty product to work faster and more accurately.

Detailed review Sela Tox 10

This product is a cross between a serum and a regular cream. The only difference is that compared to the serum, the booster penetrates a little deeper, can be used as a standalone product, and has a higher concentration of active ingredients. Like cream, the face booster contains a lipid phase (holds moisture in the skin), but it has a more weightless texture. Due to this, it is combined with other types of cosmetic products, enhancing the effect of their application.

It only takes a couple of drops of the booster in your usual treatment and the wrinkle remedy turns into a powerful therapeutic weapon of targeted action.

Scope of the Sela Tox 10 booster and the result

The use of this product can be different:

  • apply as an independent product;
  • apply to the skin as a serum under an anti-aging product;
  • add to lotion, cream or mask to enhance and prolong their action.

IMPORTANT! Using the booster as a separate product is not enough if you have dry skin. It is recommended to use it in tandem with day and night creams.

If you have oily facial skin, then one booster is enough. The main thing is to track how the skin feels: there should be no discomfort.

Prescribing a skin care product

  1. Anti-aging
  2. Whitening the area around the eyes
  3. Wrinkle smoothing
  4. Moisturizing cream
  5. Elasticity increase
  6. Skin toning 

Scope of the product:

  1. Pores on the nose
  2. Wrinkles on the forehead
  3. Nasolabial fold
  4. Face whitening
  5. Lines of anxiety

Advantages of the Sela Tox 10 booster

This product has a lot of advantages for use, namely:

  • it’s safe and convenient
  • non-toxic
  • does not cause adverse reactions
  • no massage required
  • maintains a lasting effect
  • evens out skin tone and adds radiance
  • reduces pores

The main task of the skin booster is to enhance the effect of the products that you apply after it (lotion, serum, cream). It also helps active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. That is why Sela Tox 10 is noticeably different in composition from the usual care products. The product has a high concentration of beneficial ingredients in the formula.

How to use it?

There are three options for using a booster:

Before skin care. It can be applied before a day cream or emulsion (serum can be skipped in this case), then it will act as a conductor and deliver the active ingredients to the dermis faster.

Instead of care. That is, as a moisturizing, anti-aging or protective cosmetic product. After that, you can apply a light cream or fluid on your face (including tinting).

Along with care. The booster can be added directly to lotion, essence, cream or cream mask. A couple of drops – and Selatox 10 will work more effectively.