Scared about wisdom tooth removal? Don’t be

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Do you need your wisdom tooth removed? If so, don’t be scared! This is a very common and painless procedure that many teenagers and young adults have done every single day. Even though you may see videos on YouTube of people talking nonsense after their tooth removal, this is just a funny side effect of the painkiller administered during and after the procedure! In fact, the procedure is painless, easy to do, and simple – meaning you’ll be in and out on the same day!

Don’t worry about the side effects or pain after the procedure – getting your wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure at the dentist in every single state. The only thing that you have to think about after the procedure is what type of ice cream or smoothies you want to eat!

Let’s see a few common FAQs that apprehensive patients have about the wisdom teeth removal process – and why you shouldn’t be scared! If you want to know more about wisdom tooth removal, click here to have a comprehensive guide.

3 common FAQs about wisdom tooth removal

Why do I need to get wisdom teeth removed?

If you’re wondering why you need to spend the time and not pay for your wisdom teeth removal either are several important reasons. If you find that your wisdom teeth are coming into your mouth and they are causing pain, discomfort, aches, pains, and crowding of your other teeth, this can lead to long-term jaw pain, mouth pain, oral hygiene concerns, and smile misalignment. Getting your wisdom teeth removed provides extra space in your mouth for your teeth to move into their natural shape and provide a straighter smile. Avoid any soft tissue impactions, complete bony impactions, or partial bony impactions in your mouth! 

What if I don’t get my wisdom tooth removal now?

If you decide to wait to have your wisdom teeth removed – even when you find that you’re experiencing signs of discomfort and crowding – this can lead to problems with your wisdom teeth in the future. If you avoid the removal process, your wisdom teeth can become impacted – this means that having them removed will be more difficult, more painful, and a longer process. The quicker you get your wisdom teeth removed, the better!

What is the wisdom tooth removal process like?

If you’re nervous about the pre-surgery and post-surgery proceedings, this will put your mind at ease. On the day of your wisdom tooth removal, you will typically take medication that will help you with post-op pain and inflammation. Then, you will get the procedure – which will take about 1-2 hours – and then sit in the waiting room/recovery area for 1-2 hours post-procedure. This way, the doctors can monitor you and make sure you are A-okay to go home! When you leave the office, you will take home some medication with you to help with pain and your caregiver will be given instructions on how to help you through the following days.


Getting a wisdom tooth removal is one of the most important dental procedures you can have done in your late teens and young adult years. If you find that your wisdom teeth grow in and are causing discomfort, pain, and jaw aches, you need to get them removed as soon as you can to avoid impacted teeth in the future!