How to Reduce Sagging of Your Face Due to Old Age

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As you age, your skin undergoes some changes and it can start to sag. The sagging of the skin results from the reduction of connective tissue in the skin like collagen and elastin. The role of this connective tissue is to provide structural support to the skin and therefore when this tissue reduces the skin starts to sag. The levels of collagen and elastin in the skin reduce due to UV rays that activate the enzymes that break down collagen.

Another factor that contributes to the sagging of the skin is the reduction of facial fat. The fat in the face contributes to the support of the facial structure and therefore the skin sags when there is little fat in the skin. As you age, there is a loss of mass of the facial bones and therefore the skin around the bone starts sagging because of reduced support. Although there are many cosmetic products and natural substances such as coconut oil that could help slow down the effects of aging, there’s so much they can do. This article explains some of the ways of reducing the sagging of the face.


A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to elevate the skin thus counteracting the effects of gravity in old age.  This procedure tightens the jawlines, lifts the cheeks, and also corrects sagging skin around the neck. Another major benefit of a facelift is correcting wrinkles that become prominent in old age. Moreover, the specialists from Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute emphasize you will get a more youthful look from a facelift. Also, they say there would be some inconspicuous scarring and therefore you will still have a natural look.

When you visit the doctor you are considering a facelift procedure, the doctor will take your medical history and examine your skin to confirm whether you qualify for this procedure. To qualify for the procedure, you should have an indication for the procedure like sagging facial skin and wrinkles and be generally healthy. Smoking will delay healing after the procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

Sagging of the lower eyelid is another sign of aging. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that removes excess fat, muscle, and skin from the eyelids thus reversing the sagging of the eyelids. The doctor will examine you before the procedure to confirm if you are a good candidate for it. Some conditions disqualify you from this procedure like having systemic blood pressure that is not well-controlled and glaucoma.

Brow Lift

Sagging of the skin around the forehead can make you appear old, sad, or even angry. Brow lift which is also referred to as facelift is a procedure that corrects sagging of the brow as well as removing the wrinkles that occur on the forehead due to old age. The procedure is commonly performed on people who are between mid-forty to mid-sixty. How long the results of the brow lift last depends on your genetics, the quality of your skin, and your bone structure.

In summary, as you age your facial skin starts to sag due to reduction of connective tissue like collagen and elastin, reduction of fat, and loss of facial bone mass. The sagging of the facial skin is noticeable on the forehead, jawline, eyelids, and cheeks. It is also common to develop wrinkles. Luckily, it is possible to reverse these changes through cosmetic procedures like facelift, brow lift, and eyelid surgery. Consulting a qualified specialist is an effective way of improving the safety of the procedure and the results.