7 Vital Reasons To Keep Regular Dentist Appointments

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A genuine smile lights up a person’s face, making them feel good, and others react positively to them. But if your teeth aren’t kept in good condition, the confidence that smile brings isn’t as strong. A regular appointment with the dentist in Elgin is vital to maintaining teeth in top shape. There are many ways your dentist keeps your mouth healthy, making it vital to visit regularly.

Deep Cleaning

With all the will in the world, cleaning your teeth twice a day every day is sometimes not enough to keep your teeth perfectly clean. Regular dental visits allow you to have regular deep cleaning, reaching those areas that are hard to get. Especially if you are prone to areas of plaque build-up, which can become problematic if left unattended. The satisfaction of running your tongue over freshly deep-cleaned teeth will definitely have you smiling.

Build A Trusting Relationship

When you become a regular dental practice patient, you can build a good relationship. They get to know you and your history, and you will feel comfortable with them, especially as dental work requires close physical proximity. Should you suffer any kind of anxiety around dental work, either routine or more invasive, it is easier to deal with when you trust your dentist. Should you suffer anxiety and need emergency dental work, it will be less traumatic to be treated by someone you know rather than a stranger. 

If you have a family, it’s not just yourself that needs to have a good relationship with your dentist; it’s the whole family. Finding a reputable dentist Sandy Utah for the entire family will save a lot of running around and money. Also, if any children develop issues with their teeth, the dentist knowing the family history can refer to the parents’ files to see if it’s a genetic issue. It’s an excellent way to instill good habits for life as well.

Decisive Action On Decay

Tooth decay can cause a raft of issues if left unattended, and it can set in surprisingly quickly. Attending regular appointments with your dentist ensures that any corrosion is identified and dealt with quickly. A reputable dentist is concerned with stopping the damage before it develops into a painful problem for you. Even if you aren’t prone to cavities and tooth decay, normal wear and tear can occasionally cause surprise cavities, which a routine appointment will catch quickly.

Getting a filling on a small cavity is easier and cheaper than having one that needs to fill a significant portion of the tooth. When the hole is filled while small, the tooth’s structural integrity will stay strong for much longer as well. When a tooth has significant decay, it is more likely to break or crumble, even with a filling.

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Bad Breath

Nobody likes to be stuck in proximity with someone with bad breath, and no one wants to be that person with bad breath! Bad breath can be caused by numerous things, most of which can be identified by your dentist (garlic breath is on the chef). Seeing your dentist for your six-monthly check-ups will allow the cause of bad breath to be identified and dealt with. 

That said, if bad breath is a new symptom that thorough oral hygiene isn’t fixing, visit your dentist sooner to rule out any severe health conditions. You may need antibiotics or further investigations to rule out something more sinister.

Spot Early Signs Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is easily treatable at its early stages, with minimal impact on the patient. Yet if left untreated in the early stages, it can become a severe disease that progresses quickly, requiring invasive treatment. In its early stages, oral cancer is easy to miss if you aren’t aware of the signs and symptoms. In Sandy, Utah, your dentist is trained to detect the early signs of oral cancer, meaning regular appointments can be a lifesaver.  

Lessen The Chance Of Major Infection

Cancer is not the only oral disease that can cause significant long-lasting issues, as infection of the gum can become life-threatening if left untreated. Infection of the gum is usually an uncomfortable irritation that passes after a couple of days. However, should that infect spread deeper into the gum, it can spread to the jawbone and worse the blood supply. When you attend your dentist routinely, the chances of such issues occurring are lessened.

Again though, if you do develop a serious infection, attend your dentist promptly, don’t wait for your next routine appointment. Significant dental infections are excruciating, impacting daily life, and sepsis (blood infection) is deadly. Your dentist would rather you come in immediately for treatment rather than have you wait and become ill.

Better Access To Emergency Dental Care

Sometimes luck just isn’t on your side, and something happens that causes you to require emergency dental care. When you have an existing relationship with a dentist, you will find it easier to receive prompt emergency dental care. The last thing you want when suffering a debilitating toothache is to be ringing around trying to find a dentist to see you. If you’re a regular patient at a reputable dental surgery, you’ll be able to make one phone call and have your emergency dealt with fast.

Having this relationship in place and ensuring quick treatment can also make prescription of any medications easier. With your file to hand and knowledge of your medical history, your dentist will know if you have any allergies to antibiotics or pain meds issues. This knowledge is essential as emergency dental care usually requires ongoing medication after the procedure, and you want them to get it right.

The reasons for keeping routine appointments with your dentist are varied but all equally vital. Find a dentist that you like and trust, and be sure to see them every six months. Doing so will keep your smile bright and potentially save your life.