5 Surprising Reasons Aquatic Therapy Might Be Right for You

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Aquatic therapy is an alternative form of physical therapy that reduces the amount of impact on your body and, specifically, joints while healing from an injury or illness. This type of therapy is often prescribed for people who have difficulty completing land-based exercises or putting full or partial weight on joints or limbs after being injured. Find out five reasons why aquatic therapy might be right for you. 

Effective Rehabilitation Tool 

Like conventional physical therapy, Louisville aquatic therapy focuses on individual programs to increase mobility and flexibility to restore your body to optimal functioning. In physical therapy, specific exercises must be completed to improve your range and function. The ultimate goal is to complete the required movements regularly and without pain. However, some people cannot withstand the weight of gravity while recovering from an injury or complete traditional physical therapy. 

Rebuilding Muscle Memory 

Aquatic therapy is a part of physical therapy that helps strengthen the mind-body connection to repair muscle memory. As you move in the water, the force of the water adjusts around you. This force is called hydrostatic pressure, and it constantly compresses your body while responding to the force of your movements in the water. When you respond to the added pressure and strength of the water, your brain has time to process any signals that your body sends. As your muscles begin to move normally again, your brain creates muscle memory to facilitate healing. 

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Minimize Gravity Impact 

Aquatic therapy offers the same rehabilitative efficacy but without the painful impact of gravity. Being in the water increases buoyancy and weightlessness, decreasing strain on the body. When you have submerged in water, the effects of gravity, including the impact on your joints, decrease by up to 90%—the ability to move freely increases dramatically in the water. As a result, you can complete the same treatment plan but with greater ease and less pain. Aquatic therapy improves:

  • Strength 
  • Endurance 
  • Balance 
  • Mobility 
  • Range of motion

Enhanced Maintenance Process

The hydrostatic pressure that aquatic therapy provides does not just help create muscle memory; it also has compression benefits. People suffering from lymphedema or painful, swollen lymph glands require regular massages and manipulation to reduce pain and increase functionality. The pressure of the water provides compression around the body at all times, mimicking a gentle massage or manipulation of the lymph glands. The ongoing maintenance from lymphedema physical therapy in Louisville can help facilitate more normal day-to-day activities for those suffering from the condition. 

No Equipment Required 

One of the best and most surprising benefits of aquatic therapy is that it does not require any equipment, unlike traditional physical therapy. There are options for you to enhance your experience, should you want to try them. However, learning the proper use of, waiting in line for, the cleaning, and returning of equipment are not additional bothers to consider with aquatic therapy. Simply a suit, a towel, and some goggles will be sufficient for most sessions. 

For a more gentle yet highly effective approach to physical therapy, try aquatic therapy with an individualized plan for healing.