How the Power of the Mind Can Help to Ward Off Illnesses


We are all currently living within a world rife with health concerns. The recent global pandemic hes clearly reinforced the fact that our mental well-being needs to be taken more seriously than ever before. Not only will maintaining a positive outlook prevent us with a balanced view of life, but it may also be able to help prevent serious illnesses. What are some of the reasons why this mental state represents such a powerful tool? Does science back up claims that would otherwise remain within the realm of esoteric belief? Let’s take a look at how physics and spirituality share more in common than have been led to believe.

The Chemical Constituents of a Positive Mentality

Everyone is aware of the benefits associated with positive thinking. However, there are some very real physical and chemical roots behind this observation. Those who maintain a healthy mental outlook are more likely to produce chemical messengers such as serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine. These are some of the very same substances which have been shown to increase energy levels, to combat the effects of depression and to strengthen our immune systems. So, it only stands to reason that those who choose to lead a spiritually fulfilling life are more likely to remain free of chronic disease and illness.

Positive Energy Reinforcement

Of course, simply thinking that we want to become more healthy is hardly enough. We need to take advantage of the power of positive reinforcement. Let us look at an example.

Imagine for a moment that you choose to implement a regular meditation programme. You also utilise cannabis oils scented with terpenes in order to leverage the benefits of aromatherapy during such sessions. There is no doubt that you will experience positive mental and physical changes over a short period of time. Habits which produce beneficial results are more likely to be repeated. This results in a feedback loop; enabling you to achieve the effects within a shorter amount of time in the future. The key takeaway point here is that practice makes perfect.

Learning from Tradition

Science has come a long way towards accepting practices that would have been considered nothing less than taboo in the past. One well-known example of the increasing prevalence of reiki within professional circles in order to ameliorate physical and mental problems. This is simply another way to manipulate the energy that exists all around us. Those who choose to believe in such forces are more likely to take advantage of their sheer power.

We can clearly see that there is much more than initially meets the eye in terms of preventing illnesses. Whether referring to COVID-19 or the common cold, we all have the power fo enact positive changes if we are capable of thinking outside of the box. This is why it is a good idea to perform your own additional research on occasion. You will be amazed to learn about the sheer number of esoteric and spiritual options which exist.