5 Most Popular Plastic Surgeries (With Facts And Data)

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Plastic surgery and its more universally known branch, cosmetic surgery, are quite popular these days. Women, however, are known to be more interested in getting cosmetic procedures as compared to men.

What is Plastic Surgery?

The treatment used to repair or restore missing or damaged tissues and skin is known as plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, as the name may suggest, uses grafting and other techniques to restore new layers of tissues in damaged body parts. The procedure can be both – invasive and non-invasive, depending upon the body part to be reconstructed.

With that being said, we’ve brought you some of the most popularly sought-for cosmetic surgeries of this decade.

Hair Transplants

Did you know hair transplant searches crossed 27,000 monthly searches on Google in 2019? Well, as surprising as it may sound, it is true. Hair transplant treatments are the most searched-for treatment online.

Notably, this is the only cosmetic surgery that men actually search for more than women. According to reports, hair transplant ranks in the top 5 cosmetic surgeries with men.


The second most popular cosmetic surgery, according to Google search data is rhinoplasty. If you’re not aware of the term – it is the procedure for reshaping or reconstructing the nose.


Last year, the term was searched for over 18,000 times in a month on Google. According to an expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon in London, patients seek a nose job for various reasons including disproportioned nose, facial trauma, or sometimes for breathing problem treatments as well. It is noteworthy that rhinoplasty is more popular with women than men.

Breast Augmentation

Now, this treatment needs no introduction. Probably, we all have read about it and know what it is for. Nonetheless, what’s surprising is the fact that this cosmetic surgery is also one of the most sought-after treatments for women all across the world.

Data suggests there are over 8,000 monthly searches for this term online. And most of these searches, to your surprise comes from UK and US.

Face Lift

Another popular aesthetic reshaping that ranked the charts for online searches is Face Lift treatment. The treatment is mostly sought by aged or middle-aged women, over 35 years of age.

The treatment involves tightening and lifting up the skin tissues to remove any wrinkles or aging lines. Notably, there were over 5,400 monthly searches for Face Lift surgeries online in 2019. And the numbers have certainly grown up since then, as the growing cosmetic awareness trends suggest.


Last but not least is Abdominoplasty. As the name suggests, the treatment mainly focuses on the abdominal region. Also known as Tummy-Tuck surgery, the treatment is sought for removing excessive tummy fat and tightening the abdominal muscles.

Reports suggest that the treatment was searched over 2,400 times in a month during 2019. And there’s a justifiable reason for the same too – a sedentary lifestyle has resulted in obesity.

The Takeaway

Cosmetic surgeries are surely gaining a lot of popularity in the contemporary world. People are not only growing aware of their aesthetic appearance but are also ready to invest in maintaining it. And it is pretty evident from the data mentioned above.