Looking For Playground Markings? Here’s How To Keep Kids Fit & Healthy!

Child on trampoline

Playground Markings are a smart choice for any educational or leisure facility looking to encourage learning, physical activity, social skills and creative play in their outdoor space. 

Beautiful, bright, vivid thermoplastic designs are also incredibly inviting for children. They encourage pupils to spend time outdoors and in nature, which, in itself is highly beneficial and helps them to get their 60 minutes of moderate or intense physical activity per day, which the NHS recommends for kids aged 5-18. 

If you’re hoping to have some attractive thermoplastic playground markings placed, one of the most exciting parts of the process is choosing the design. There are so many different choices and colours – but which one is the right choice for your outdoor space? To help you get a little closer to a decision, here’s a quick guide to choosing the right playground markings: 

How Old Are The Children The Markings Are For? 

Younger children can benefit from more simple, bright and imaginative playground markings like animals and dinosaurs, which add a friendly and age-appropriate feel to the outdoor space. Outlines of geometrical shapes can also be a great idea, as children of this age begin to gain a very basic understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Children a little bit older than nursery and pre-school age can then make the most of playground games and designs that encourage learning and fun at the same time. Targets, traditional games like Hopscotch, board games and mazes all add a more structural element to play, helping kids to move more, play together, and develop social skills like taking turns. 

The Available Space

If you have a lot of outdoor room, a combined layout could include sports court markings and sports line markings in one area, and then more playful markings like snakes and ladders, or hopscotch etc, in another area. This works well for schools with a wide range of pupil ages who may need markings to cater to multiple pupil needs across the school day. 

children sports

For more compact spaces, there is always a design that can work for your needs. Even one extensive colourful design in an outdoor area can enhance its aesthetic and encourage play and learning every break time. 

How The Markings Might Integrate With Lessons

Sometimes it makes sense to think about playground markings in terms of how they might contribute to lessons and activities within the school day. 

One great option to consider for this type of use, is daily mile tracks and fitness trails. 

Daily mile tracks help kids to take part in the Daily Mile campaign, which is currently running in 87 countries and has over 3 million children running a mile every single day to help boost health and fitness. Fitness trails can also work well for the same reason as they are designed to provide an outline and structure for running, relay and similar track-based activities. 

Flexible Designs To Suit You

As well as expert installation, a hassle free service and a 5 year warranty, a great playground markings company will also work with you to adjust different designs to suit your needs. 

Many people choose to use a personalised colour scheme for their thermoplastic markings to work within educational colour schemes or preference. It’s worth keeping this kind of flexibility in mind when choosing your playground markings as it broadens the possibilities to further guarantee that there’s a perfect design for your outdoor play area. 

Your Pupils Are Only One Step Away From Bright, Fun & Exciting Play! 

With so many different options for playground markings, there’s definitely a stunning, vivid and robust design that makes sense for your educational or leisure facility. Soon enough, once the markings are installed by a trusted playground marking company, the children in your care will be having all kinds of fun, all year round, enhancing their outdoor play, day after day!