PEMF therapy for the treatment of sleep disorders

Sleeping patterns

Sleep disorders are one of the most overlooked causes of chronic diseases. People are not only sleeping less, but they also have poorer sleep quality.

For good health, an adult should have 7-8 hours of sound sleep. But many are barely sleeping for six hours. Even worse, some may lie in bed for hours and yet struggle to fall asleep, maintain sleep. Frequent nighttime awakenings are common, and they have a severe impact on sleep quality.

It is common for people to complain of feeling sleepy during the day, having headaches in the morning. Many such issues may be solved by having a nap during the day, but that is not an option for most active adults.

Problems with sleep started becoming a more severe problem in the 19th century with the invention of electricity and electric lamps. Bright evening lights not only delay sleep onset but also alter the circadian rhythm.

The human brain is made in such a way that as soon as the eyes sense the drop in light intensity, the brain starts sending signals to prepare for sleep. Further, it appears that there is an internal clock in the brain that controls this rhythm. However, light pollution, sound pollution, and use of gadgets have severely disrupted these biorhythms.

From the mid 20th century, people have been struggling to sleep enough and sleep well. It is also related to the nature of many jobs.

PEMF works on the brain. It modulates its activity and normalizes the secretion of melatonin, which helps maintain circadian rhythm. Not only that, PEMF has a relaxing effect and improves mood. PEMF reduces stress. Therefore, regular use of PEMF may help enhance the quality of sleep.

However, it is worth understanding that PEMF would work much better when used along with sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene involves going to bed at a fixed time each day, switching off lights and television, and also putting gadgets away. It also involves maintaining the air temperature in the bedroom.

PEMF penetrates deep inside the brain cells. Its electromagnetic signals start stimulating neurons in the brain. It may help improve the health of specific underactive neurons, and at the same time, suppress overactive parts of the brain. It is because PEMF has low-frequency electromagnetic waves that make brain cells resonate at a similar kind of low frequency.

Using PEMF has some fantastic effects on the brain. The brain starts producing various neurotransmitters in normal amounts like dopamine, thus helping improve mood. It may also help get rid of depression, prevent recurring negative thoughts. Therefore, it may considerably improve sleep onset.

However, it is also good to know that most PEMF mats provide other therapies like heat and photon light therapy. These therapies, when used along with PEMF, have an excellent relaxing effect on the body. PEMF may also help get rid of minor pains and body irritations. It means that using the therapy just before going to bed may help considerably.

Some clinicals studies confirm that regular use of PEMF works. For example, in one of the studies in 100 patients with sleep disorders, four weeks of PEMF could help. These were patients having difficulty in maintaining sleep, having nightmares. At the end of the study, one-third of participants reported many benefits, whereas such improvements were seen in just one person in the placebo group.

PEMF therapy may not work for all, as causes of sleep disorders vary considerably. However, it may help in most cases. It may start acting from the very first day, but it may achieve its maximum benefits within the next few weeks.You can learn more about PEMF or buy devices at