The Optimal Inpatient Experience: Treatment Designed for You

When you or a loved one finally come to the realization that a problem is more than a problem, and a habit has become a disorder it is time to take the next step and determine how, where, and by whom those issues can be treated. For many the idea of inpatient treatment for a Substance Use Disorder conjures up images of a “one size fits all” program where everyone goes to one 12-step meeting every day, eats and sleeps in a dormitory environment, experiences minimal one-on-one time with a therapist, and waits for their turn in the bathroom.

Sadly, when that is the primary template for treatment, we know that we may not be treating the whole person and certainly aren’t treating each person as an individual. Best outcomes require best practices. That means an individual approach to treatment employing as many holistic and innovative tools as possible allowing the whole person to experience recovery in a paradigm that embraces their personal story. 

For many, addiction is accompanied by other Co-Occurring Disorders. Depression, anxiety disorders and other issues related to mental illness must be addressed along with the obvious dependency on a substance. This is known as a dual diagnosis and it is often missed in many treatment facilities that stay with dated, cookie-cutter treatment modalities. These determinations must be made by a psychiatrist or psychiatric professional in a clinical evaluation so that the best clinical team can establish a care plan that is tailored to an individual’s specific needs. Successful recovery must start with identifying and addressing the root cause and not simply focus on the symptoms of substance abuse.

Good nutrition is key to healthy recovery as well. Menus and foods prepared and planned by a staff nutritionist are an optimal addition to any inpatient experience. After clinically supervised detox, a healthy diet is paramount for the healing brain and body.  

Rooms that allow privacy and offer individual bathrooms help facilitate restful, restorative and relaxing time alone allowing for uninterrupted sleep and personal moments of reflection and solitude. Recovery doesn’t have to happen in a stark, clinical atmosphere. The luxury of well thought out space and comfort can be part of a healing aesthetic while still providing 24/7 nursing care. 

Preparing to receive our loved one back home from treatment is as much a consideration for families as where to go in the first place. Finding that program that allows for family counseling will be imperative to a good outcome when everyone is home again. Continuing care for the individual will also be a necessity. Treatment doesn’t end when a person exits the doors of a facility.

Choosing a treatment program is an experience most of us never anticipate having to encounter. Deciding whom to trust with our loved one’s wellbeing is an enormous life decision. Knowing that every facet of their care is being considered, monitored, and evaluated brings tremendous peace of mind. Realizing that they are experiencing the best care in the most optimal surroundings is priceless. 

If these criteria are what you may have only imagined finding in a residential recovery treatment experience, then you are ready to contact us! Our clinical team is ready to share with you how we can create a program specifically designed to accommodate your own unique story while experiencing help and healing apart from the stigma of addiction.