Online Counseling: web therapy to promote good mental health

Online psychotherapy

Online counseling is a direct and efficient approach to provide psychotherapy services to a patient in need of treatment via the Internet. Also known as e-therapy or web therapy, this form of treatment is provided online via video conferencing, video chatting, texting or audio messaging.

Every day, there are millions of people in need of mental health services that lack the means, the time or the will to meet a therapist in real-life. Online counseling can quickly close that gap and reach everyone who needs help and supportive mental care.

Accessibility, affordability and convenience are the first benefits that come to mind, especially since the Internet now reaches even the most remote areas of our country. However, web counseling is also helpful to overcome the social stigma that often characterizes all types of psychological treatments. From the constant support required by depressed patients to the few tips needed to help a healthy person cope with stress, an online counselor can quickly and effectively help the broadest range of different people.

Online-therapy infographics

Infographic Credits: Better Help