Resume a Healthy, Normal Life After Ostomy With These Care Tips

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Ostomy brings numerous changes to your life. Thus, it becomes necessary to take out some time to navigate to new-fangled life modifications. 

Many people sit and wonder if the presence of an ostomy bag will help them lead a life in the same manner or not. Are you one of those people? Worry not, because you’ll enjoy a normal life in no time. People with an ostomy can enjoy their favorite cuisines and activities. These may be swimming, social gatherings,sports, travel, work, or other outdoor activities. 

Can’t wait to lead a whole and active life with an ostomy? Read these tips to enjoy your tranquility:

Tap into Resources and Support

Your loved ones may hire a specially trained nurse to manage your ostomy. You’ll know the maxims of caring for your ostomy, which will help you transition back to your everyday life. Ostomy nurses care for your body and well-being in the best manner. These professionals can provide you with valuable knowledge and resources.

For example, you can read through ostomy care at Byram Healthcare for gaining some care tips. These resources work wonders in providing you additional referrals like discussion boards or support groups, as well as educational and clinical knowledge, essential supplies, and customer support. 

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Get down your Ostomy Changing Routine

Your ostomy nurse will assist you with detailed instructions about changing your ostomy bag. But, is it as easy as it seems? Maybe not! An ostomy can be pretty daunting to manage during your daily routine. 

Medical professionals suggest changing ostomy bags twice a week. Yet, you may feel the need to change these more or less frequently. Experts recommend you change your ostomy bag after every shower, possibly on an empty stomach.

Ensure that the Skin Barrier Fits

Always consider buying a skin barrier that fits around your stoma in the best manner. After all, you never wish to experience irritation or drainage damage. 

The size of your stoma doesn’t matter. Yes, whether it’s big or small, or if it protrudes or not, the drainage flow into your pouch is all that matters. What’s important is that your bag shouldn’t leak under your skin barrier. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Take measurements of the stoma using a measuring guide before the barrier application
  2. Apply the skin barrier and ensure that it fits under the stoma meets and the skin
  3. Verify that no skin shows between the stoma and the barrier
  4. Apply stoma powder to the loose skin. Do it before applying the pouching system.
  5. Discontinue the use of stoma powder once in a while, especially when peristomal skin is no longer moist to touch
  6. Stoma powder isn’t necessary if the skin is red and not watery

Make Changes to Your Diet

You may need to make alterations to your diet as your body heals after undergoing surgery. Small and low-fiber meals work wonders in the early stages. 

You may want to increase the amount and type of food with time. Keep in mind that foods affect different people in different ways. Your ostomy nurse may help you choose the best foods for you. Also, most people usually transition back to their regular diet in due time.

The Bottom Line

Leading life with an ostomy may be overwhelming at times. But, with a strong care plan, you can make life much easier. Nevertheless, it is always better to reach out to your ostomy doctor to ask questions about caring for your problem if any challenge arises.