Mono Threads: A Non-Surgical Method For Skin Rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation

Everyone wants to look young and youthful, but ageing is natural. As a person ages, the body’s ability to produce collagen decreases. However, with the advancement of technology, there has been a considerable rise in treatment that can reverse the ageing cycle. Collage is a protein found in skin, hair, bones, tissues, tendons, ligaments, and cartilages. It provides elasticity, strength, and hydration to the skin, thus preventing the skin from sagging. 

The skin looks taut, young, and plump. Hydrated skin also helps us to stay wrinkle-free. However, lower collagen levels in our body result in sagging, dull, and wrinkled skin as we grow older. For those who wish to continue to have a more youthful appearance for a longer time, skin rejuvenation treatment with mono threads is the ideal option. 

With age, the most affected areas that seem to lose elasticity and look wrinkled and sagged are the forehead, the area around the lips, and the neck. The skin over the cheekbones and the jawline can also be tightened, giving a sharper contoured appearance to your face. For many people, witnessing the ageing process reflected on their faces is difficult to handle. Their morale gets affected, and their confidence in facing the world declines. This modern innovative non-surgical technique gives you a physical rejuvenation, but your confidence and morale also get a huge impetus.

Besides the face and neck, many opt for this skin tightening treatment using mono threads for other body parts, such as the arms, abdomen, and buttocks.

What Are Mono Threads?

Mono threads are single filament or thread-like structures made from an absorbable, flexible, and long-lasting polymer known as Polydioxanone. These threads are very smooth, and this feature enables them to be inserted into the skin easily. Though the procedure cannot be termed as non-invasive as it involves the simultaneous insertion of several needles into that skin area that needs tightening, it can safely be said to be a minimally invasive process that requires no incisions. 

How Do Mono Threads Help In Skin Rejuvenation?

When injected into the skin, Mono threads increase the body’s capacity to produce collagen. The injected threads or filaments act as a supporting network under the skin, thus enabling the skin to stretch. Multiple needles carrying the mono threads are inserted into the area simultaneously to create a network-like effect within the skin. The specific area on which the process is being carried out usually requires 10-30 threads to be inserted to create the needed support structure that keeps the skin over that particular area firm and tight for a long time.

Also, with time, the threads that enhance collagen production dissolve organically and get absorbed in the body. 

Important Things To Consider For The Mono Thread Treatment

If you decide to get this treatment done, you must confirm at the medical facility where you will be undergoing the procedure that this Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) approved procedure must be performed only by a licensed and trained ALS medical professional. This process may be non-surgical but needs specialized skills and training that can be provided only by a highly trained professional. This must be done to ensure that the procedure is executed without any glitches and that you achieve the desired look at the end of the treatment. The entire mono thread procedure usually takes 30-60 minutes. 

Since it is done under local anaesthesia, the pain and discomfort are minimal, but there may be redness and puffiness for a few days. 

You can enjoy the procedure results for 6-12 months as your skin stays firm and youthful for the said period.

Here Are Certain Things To Avoid After The Treatment:

  1. You should not apply an oil-based moisturiser or make-up for the next 24 hours. 
  2. Avoid any kind of contact with furry animals.
  3. In case you feel irritated, you may apply ice-pack
  4. Avoid any strenuous sports
  5. Avoid heat treatment or saunas
  6. No dental surgery for four weeks.


Mono threads have become one of the most sought-after procedures among Australians and people worldwide for their ability to make you feel and look young. Being a non-surgical process with not many negative side effects is a bonus.