Mineral Health: CBD for Anxiety and Other Ailments


Communities across the world are seeing a modernized growth in the plant-based lifestyle, and we aren’t talking about eating more fruits and veggies. The talk of the town here in Austin, Texas, is Mineral Health, the modern new CBD storefront. Mineral Health has been dubbed a cannabis community center for Austin residents to share ideas about plant-based wellness and cannabis education.

Matthew “Mills” Miller and his business partner Harris Fazlani are the smooth operators of this completely modern-looking CBD outfit built out of glass, cement, and steel. After suffering from an intestinal parasite that he picked up from a tainted meal of alpaca stew in Peru, Miller decided that he wanted his healing to be plant based, and from there, Mineral Health would be born. Miller started researching CBD and, after he recovered from his illness, the rest is pretty much history.

The Truth About CBD

So, what is CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid that is neither intoxicating nor psychoactive. CBD can be found in both hemp and marijuana plants. With CBD being derived from the marijuana plant, the complicated question comes into play: Is CBD legal?

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the regulated production of hemp, and any part of the cannabis plant with THC levels below 0.3 percent became legal. However, CBD is still considered a Schedule 1 drug by the FDA, which means that there is little medical use but a high potential for abuse. This also leads to another slippery slope, since the FDA also approved a drug to combat epilepsy that is based on CBD derivatives. Which state you live in also plays a large part in whether CBD is legal for consumption. While it is legal federally, each state has its own laws and regulations concerning CBD.

Luckily, Texas has CBD laws that pretty much mirror federal law and make it legal to sell and consume. Mineral Health is a self-dubbed “cannabis perfumery” that’s making quite a name for itself here in Austin. Not only does it boast a modern storefront and sleek marketing, but it also has products that are backed by scientific evidence. It’s one of many wonderful Texas dispensaries available throughout the state. Not only can they help you with CBD, but they can also shed some light on Texas marijuana requirements and answer any questions you might have about medical marijuana in the state.

Consider this: You wouldn’t want crops from a farmer that relentlessly planted the same crop year after year and harvested it before it was fully ready. Mineral Health decided that it would use a system to divide its crop into four distinct batches every year with no pesticides or chemicals used. This allows the plants to grow to their full potential before they are harvested.

So, what does Mineral Health have to offer in its product line? Most of the products that Mineral Health has to offer cover the bases of relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety. The names of its products, such as SLEEP and RECOVERY, are pretty self-explanatory. Then you have BALANCE. BALANCE is the CBD anxiety elixir in a bottle. Not only does it help with anxiety, but it also makes your body feel “balanced” inside and out.

Moving CBD Into the Future

At the end of the day, the CBD movement has moved forward and will continue to do so. Whether it be in perception by the individual, a new case study being started, or with the law, it keeps moving forward. With this forward movement brings one thing that most people can agree on: the more research we have involving CBD, the more decisions we can make with our laws and healthcare in the future.