Innovative Methods To Recover Your Hair And Prevent Further Hair Loss


You have been in a hopeless situation for a long time because you have the impression that your hair is permanently damaged. Your hair is damaged and many factors have affected it. Whether you’ve blow-dried it too often, colored it, or done a mini-wave, whatever the reason, there are real tips to help you recover your hair.

Get ready to hear the secret of how to recover your hair and prevent its further loss. You must adopt our advice and start your hair recovery right away. Let’s go then in order.

It’s normal for hair to fall out, but when should you worry?

One of the moments that instantly ruin your day is when you realize that your brush or comb has more hair than it should. 50-100 hairs a day is what is considered normal hair loss. Of course, this does not mean that you should start using your hairbrush or comb, count the hairs that have fallen, keep a strict record and make sure that by the end of the day you don’t have any extra hair. You will notice excessive shedding on your head, but these are the surefire signs of baldness.

If your hair falls out more than it grows for a while, you’ll notice that it’s thinner, that your ponytail is twice as thin when you tie it, that your scalp is showing, or that your whole strands are falling out. This is the moment when you can conclude that the shedding is not normal.

Of course, this shouldn’t happen, but even if it does, know that there are solutions. For example, if you live in Canada, there are many treatments, preparations, and shampoos that can help you, and in the last case, you can opt for a hair transplant operation in Toronto, an option that an increasing number of people are turning to because it is a very successful method. If that’s not your first choice, then keep reading to learn about some other ones.

Hair Restoration Treatments

There are many hair treatments, and some are specialized for this problem.

PRP treatment for hair growth

This treatment involves injecting blood plasma into the scalp to stimulate new hair growth. This treatment involves a preliminary blood extraction, based on which the necessary amount would be separated and used for injection into the scalp.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that also aims to stimulate new hair growth. It is done by injecting special cocktails into the scalp with needles.

Ampoules for hair loss

The ampoules stimulate the root to work and it produces hair again. The most famous are the Vichy decros aminexil clinical 5 ampoules. They have proven to be very successful and are used by a large number of cosmetologists.

Tablets for hair loss

In some situations, the problem needs to be treated internally. Whether you lack vitamins or the problem is the result of some disease, then tablets against hair loss come to the rescue. Whatever the cause, this is an anti-hair loss drug that you should not take without consulting your doctor.

If you want it to recover as soon as possible, give your hair care from the outside. Do not make it difficult, do not tighten it, and do not push it into rubber bands, tails, under irons, paints, and chemical preparations. Give it some care. The most beautiful hair is healthy hair. It is a sign that the organism is healthy and full of positive energy.

hair loss woman

How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss can be prevented naturally. It’s not impossible, once you know the cause. Eat a variety of foods, check your blood count, and find out if you have all the vitamins and minerals you need.

In addition to a balanced diet, you can try natural methods to fight hair loss, which mainly involves strengthening the hair roots and solving the problem of scalp infection.

Strengthening the hair roots and a healthy scalp is an excellent preventive measure, and a good anti-hair loss lotion can help you with this.

If you search for a hair loss topic online, you will find many experiences and advice. Some are worth trying, some aren’t, and we’ve singled out some that may be of use.

Coconut oil for hair growth

This oil has an antibacterial and antifungal effect, so it is an excellent solution when the problem is related to an infection of the scalp. You need to heat some coconut oil and rub it into the skin. Leave it on for an hour and then wash it off. Not only will you restore your scalp and prevent hair loss, but this is an excellent mask for dry and lifeless hair.

Onion juice

Onions contain sulfur, which is essential for collagen production and skin health. You need a few heads of onions and a good blender. Chop the onion and then squeeze it through cheesecloth so that only the juice is extracted. Then rub it into the scalp, massaging it well. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with shampoo.


Garlic is proven to be good against hair loss, and many will advise you on this natural treatment with a not very pleasant smell. Although you can find numerous garlic shampoos, nothing works as well as fresh garlic. It is enough to chop it small and put it in something that could be a base for a hair mask – olive oil, coconut oil, or egg yolk.

Choose a mask depending on your hair type. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo. Garlic works great against fungi, and it is also rich in sulfur, which affects the health of the skin. It improves circulation, so you can also use it as an internal method – through nutrition!

Dry hair that falls out is trying to tell you that there is some problem in the body. Then when you find the cause of the problem, the solution to stop hair loss will come bundled with it. Follow our advice, but don’t exclude the option of consulting a doctor. In either case, we hope we have helped you. Good luck!