Menopause Weight-Loss Strategies


Losing weight during menopause is like a challenge. A woman spends hours in the gym but one piece of chocolate, and it seems like additional kilos. Even though menopause is a completely natural process in every woman, they often still ask themselves, Internet, friends, and doctors how to lose weight during menopause. There are a few strategies to approach this activity but first, you should understand the precautions.

How to Lose Weight During Menopause Safely?

A climax is an inevitable period and it brings many supporting side effects that make female lives intolerable. And, it is not a surprise that excess fat is the scariest thing for them. They invent a menopause diet plan to lose weight or sit hours in the Internet ordering placebos guaranteeing them minus 10 kg in a week. It does not work like that.

Lose weight after menopause is complicated because sex hormones and active body’s substances are no more fast and efficient in their functions. They slow down metabolism and synthesis of fat transformation into energy and affect the feeling of being full. Thus, ladies tend to overeat. If you wonder how to lose weight in menopause, at first it is necessary to consult a doctor to exclude the problems with the thyroid.

Only after, any diet for menopause to lose weight will yield the fruits.

How to Lose Weight After Menopause: Working Strategies

Most commonly, doctors prescribe hormone therapy that helps to show women how to lose menopause weight and moderate other symptoms. However, there are also other solutions:

  • Boost metabolism. Drink more water, and if you do not have stomach problems, add a piece of lemon to it. One glass in the morning and your metabolism will start working;
  •  Exercise. There is no need to be extremely active and spend hours in the gym like you most probably thought before. Aerobics, swimming, walkings on the fresh air, riding a bicycle, and even yoga contribute to keeping a body fit and healthy. Three times per week is enough amount of physical activity in menopause; Reduce sweets. How to lose weight during menopause? Of course, cut down the number of sweets, especially it concerns fatty cakes at night. During the night, your stomach should be almost empty, so you won’t feel discomfort, and it will faster transform calories into energy;
  • Choose health supplements. Never buy slimming drugs. They won’t help you but kill the stomach. Prefer health supplements that can accelerate processes in your body but do it only after receiving the doctor’s consent;
  • Sleep enough. If you sleep less than 7 hours per day, do not even wonder how to lose menopause weight fast. When sleeping, calories burn faster but do not consume fast food, of course.

Finally, some representatives of the beautiful half also ask how to lose weight after menopause naturally. Try to quit bad habits, smoking and nicotine also affect metabolism. And, excessive consumption of alcohol brings too much sugar to your body. Remember, weight-loss in menopause is working if you do not cheat on yourself.