Menopause Supplements – A guide to alleviate common symptoms with supplementation

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As women approach their “golden years,” their bodies go through necessary changes. One of those changes is going through menopause, a physiological; change that takes place for women between the ages of 45 and 55.

Given the drastic nature of these changes for some women, it’s vitally important that menopausal women do whatever they can to take care of their physical and mental health. It’s vitally important they do that because of the biological changes their bodies will be going through.

Of the potential changes that typically occur, it’s the drop in hormone levels that creates the biggest issues. Without the proper hormone levels, a woman’s body tends to get out of balance, which causes issues like bloating, mood changes, hot flashes, appetite changes, and sleeping issues. What’s a menopausal woman to do?

One of the best ways women can act to offset the effects of menopause is to take certain vitamin supplements. You can also try a hormonal support supplement, some of which are designed to help balance hormones naturally, replenish lost nutrients, and provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function optimally. There is some good news on this front. There are actually a number of companies that have developed some of the best Menopoause supplements to give menopausal women exactly what they need.

Of course, the market is flooded with these kinds of supplements. Some of them a good and some do very little to help offset menopausal symptoms. In an effort to narrow the field down to a small number of supplements that seem to be a notch above the others, here are a few menopause supplements that seem worthy of consideration.

Nutrivive CBD oil

In women’s health communities, CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the go-to supplements for women who are pre-menopause, menopausal, and post-menopause.

This product is made with an ultra-clean CO2 extraction method that serves to make sure the integrity is maintained related to all of the vital nutrients found in the hemp plant. Aside from hemp extract, other key ingredients include MCT oil (coconut oil) extract.

This product helps menopausal women in a lot of areas as their estrogen levels start to drop. One of the key benefits comes from nutrients that serve to keep the skin moist. This is a much-needed benefit as menopausal women can experience a significant dryness in their skin, especially in the genital region where dryness can become very painful. 

Motion Nutrition Balance

When dealing with the symptoms related to menopause, women can get to feeling a bit run down. What they need is a nice variety of nutritional supplements that can help restore their energy levels. Motion Nutrition Balance has the capacity to do that.

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The product includes restorative magnesium and other types of energy-building vitamins that increase energy levels while also helping to offset the effects of mood changes. 

Neuaura Menopause supplement

For the best in menopause care, it would make sense to rely on experts in the field. Neuaura Menopause supplement is a product that was developed by a group of menopause scientists who were looking to create a product that would address many of the biological issues related to menopause.

The product is made from 12 essential ingredients that are vital to the needs of a woman in menopause. The list of ingredients includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, and red clover. The perfect product for vegan-minded women. 

Memory Health

One of the more bothersome symptoms of menopause is related to brain health. Without the right hormones, menopausal women tend to have issues with concentration and memory.

This patented formula contains ingredients and nutrients that give support to brain function by making sure brain cells stay healthy. 

Starpowa Meno Balance

For women who might prefer taking their supplements in gummy form, Motion Nutrition Balance sits at the top of the list. With body balance being the target, this product contains all the right extracts and vitamins to bring the body closer to balance. The key ingredients include kelp, vitamin B, and sage. These ingredients and more help maintain a woman’s internal health.


During menopause, a great strain is put on a woman’s immune system. It makes her more vulnerable to harmful bacteria that could attack her body organs, especially her genitals and gastrointestinal tract.

This product infuses the body with what is referred to as healthy microorganisms, which serve to attack and defeat unhealthy bacteria. This helps to bring the menopausal woman’s immune system back into balance for better overall health.