Magic Mushrooms For Depression – Why You Must Try Them?

psilocybin mushrooms

Depression is a common mental health issue that afflicts millions of Americans today. The numbers have skyrocketed during the pandemic as isolation, WFH stress, and fear of the virus made life worse for people of all ages. It is hard to deal with such negative emotions, and they can overwhelm even the healthiest of individuals. Things still do not look bright as apprehensions loom large.

While antidepressants and psychotherapy are the conventional treatment options for depression, they may not always work with them. Moreover, medications may have side effects if you use them for the long haul. Fortunately, other alternatives can help.

Recently microdosing has become popular across North America. Instead of medication, you can use microdose amounts of natural substances known to help with depression. You can shop for microdose psilocybin easily on many websites in Canada and the US. Some other substances are useful in micro dosages, but psilocybin is the most researched.

Magic mushrooms from Alberta can do the magic naturally with their psychedelic effect. Let us explain why they are an excellent alternative to conventional therapy and why you must try them.

Work for treatment-resistant depression

Life becomes challenging when you suffer from treatment-resistant depression. Medications and therapies fail to deliver effective results for such patients. Even if they do work, you cannot expect the benefits to sustain in the long run. Scientific studies show that psilocybin is effective for patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression as it resets the brain. Experts reiterate that its effects are similar to electroconvulsive therapy, which gives a temporary kick start to the brain to break out of the depressive state. You can rely on Magic mushroom edibles in British Columbia to get respite from depression when nothing else seems to work.

High-functioning depression

Deliver quick relief

Magic mushrooms are an excellent remedy for new patients who need quick relief to get out of their depressive state. They are also ideal for those with severe symptoms, as waiting for improvement can endanger the patient. If you try the traditional route with antidepressant medication, therapy, or a combination of both, the results are visible only after weeks. Conversely, shrooms are fast-acting and safe. You can try golden teachers to experience a healing of the mind and spirit faster than you expect. The best part is that the therapeutic aid is natural, so you hardly need to worry about side effects. You can embrace it for the long run without second thoughts.

Offer lasting results

Another reason you must try magic mushrooms for depression is that they offer lasting results. Research shows that only two doses of psilocybin can keep you out of a depressive state for five weeks. Another study indicates that it is beneficial for treating anxiety and depression in cancer patients even with a single dose. Patients opting for conventional treatment need to take medication every day and attend psychotherapy sessions every week for similar results. If you consider the overall cost, magic mushrooms can be less expensive than traditional therapies.

Final words

Magic mushrooms strains not only treat depression but also reconnect people with their emotions. The effect is just the opposite of antidepressants’ because they dull the emotions instead of activating them. While medicines help in curbing negative emotions, they can suppress positive ones too. Psilocybin increases emotional processing, which drives acceptance of emotions to deal with them more effectively. It is worth trying if you want long-term relief safely and naturally.