5 Foods To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Beetroot dish

The biggest problem with the average American diet is that we eat way too much red meat and dairy products and not enough fruits and vegetables. These “bad” foods may have several detrimental effects on your body, including increasing our blood sugar and cholesterol, exposing you to a risk of diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

How could you reduce this risk and lower your blood sugar naturally? The answer is quite simple: by eating healthier food. Many of these “good” foods are also full of highly concentrated nutrients that will promote and support organ health and reduce the risk of cancer, including the always-beneficial antioxidants. Let’s cut to the chase, and let’s see which healthy foods you should start eating more to help your body stay healthy and trim your body mass.


Just like many other fruits, grapes are known for their high antioxidant power. Packed with many highly active substances such as quercetin, lutein, lycopene, and the popular resveratrol, grapes are among the world’s healthiest foods. They are also full of always-important dietary fibers, which help stave off cancer and aid against high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and constipation. They keep some of their power even in their “liquid” form, but you should always prefer grape juice to wine to stay away from alcohol!


Mushrooms are especially beneficial if you suffer from diabetes because they can help you control your blood glucose levels. They act as a prebiotic, a substance that feeds beneficial microbes that live in the gut and help improve the regulation of glucose in the liver. There are a lot of different edible mushrooms out there you can try until you find the right one(s) you like. They’re often included in the diet plan of many diabetic patients, and for a reason.


Beetroot is now more popular than ever after new studies found that it could lower blood pressure, help lower glucose levels and provide other health benefits to diabetic patients. However, it’s still great even if you don’t have diabetes since it’s packed with powerful antioxidants and full of minerals and vitamins.  Both the root and leaves can be eaten. While the leaves are somewhat bitter, the root is very sweet and is often consumed as a delicious and popular beetroot juice.

Olive oil

Olive oil probably one of the first foods that will come to your mind when you think about “healthy foods.” A staple of the famous Mediterranean diet, extra-virgin olive oil is highly beneficial because it can lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and it’s the best type of oil you can use. It can be used raw to dress your salads, but it’s surprisingly good even for deep frying if you get used to its strong flavor.

Swiss Chard

Another heavy hitter in the healthy foods group, Swiss chard can regulate your blood sugar thanks to a substance known as syringic acid. It is very popular in many European recipes, and if properly cooked, you can even avoid dealing with its very bitter taste. Since it’s also a very alkaline food, it can help detoxify your body.


By eating more natural grains, fruits and vegetables, you’re balancing your diet with foods that will help you lose some weight and improve your cardiovascular health. In other words, eating better will make you live better – and longer!


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