Low Back Strain – How to Prevent and Deal with this Throbbing Pain?

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Lower back pain or strain is a common health ailment, affecting more than 80% of Americans in their lifetime. Whether you bend repeatedly, lift heavy objects, or participate in any sports activity, everyone experiences low back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, low back strain is a fact of life. Low back pain results from slipped disk, acute injury, or chronic overuse.  

Muscles and ligaments are responsible for holding the bones of the spinal cord united in a single place. Performing strenuous activities, bending, or stretching back muscles too far can break down the spinal disks. When back muscles are stretched out, they are not able to hold the bones correctly, resulting in lower back pain. If your back discomfort lasts longer than two weeks and prevents you from engaging in routine, everyday activities and you are not able to visit a clinic, consult an online doctor.

Causes of Lower Back Strain

The most common causes of lower back strain include:

  • Sports injury
  • Pinched nerves
  • Fractures
  • Slipped discs
  • Improper posture
  • Obesity
  • Emotional stress
  • Arthritis

You should see a neurologist or physical therapist for sudden and frequent back pain, as it can be a sign of nerve damage. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to treat throbbing pain and discomfort on your own. Andy Vaithilingam, Post-doctoral Fellowship in Neuro-Oncology/Neuropharmacology, and academic dean at medical school says, there are different home remedies and easy ways to manage lower back pain at home.

Wondering how? Here are some easy ways to manage lower back pain.

1. Add Minerals and Vitamins to Your Diet

Believe it or not, healthy eating is important for your overall health. From maintaining a healthy weight to improving your cardiovascular and bone health, vitamins and minerals are important for your body. You can improve bone growth and keep bones strong by adding some key nutrients to your diet.

Eating a calcium rich diet such as milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products are good for your bone’s health. Include foods such as eggs, cod liver oil, salmon, and milk in your diet to provide your bones with an extra dose of vitamin D. Foods with high phosphorus content are also a healthy addition to your diet to keep your bones strong.

2. Ice or Heat Your Back

Okay, it is one of the best home remedies for reducing lower back strain. You can either use ice or heat pad, whatever suits you for instant relief from back relief. Using an ice cooling pad or heating pad, on your back can relax your stiff muscles, while reducing swelling and inflammation. Apply heating or cooling pad for at least 20 minutes for pain relief.

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3. Improve Your Posture

Improper posture is one of the biggest reasons for lower back strain. Usually people work a 9 to 5 desk job and sit all day long, experiencing back pain. Carefully evaluate your space and try to make adjustments in your chair, table and computer monitor to make your workspace back-friendly. It will provide back pain relief and prevent it from getting worse. Keep your spine straight, don’t slouch your shoulders and rest your arms evenly on the table. Furthermore, getting up from your space, stretching up and walking frequently is also a healthy tip to relieve muscle tension.

4. Stay Active

Keep moving and stay active to relax your back muscles. Though moving is slightly difficult when you are experiencing back pain, keep moving is the most common advice neurologists, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons give their patients. Sitting for long hours in a similar position can make your pain worse. However, staying active and taking a 20-minute walk is important to stretch your back muscles.

Similarly, if standing for long hours will make the pain worse, avoid activities or positions that increase swelling or back spasms. So, increase your daily activity and movement, go for a walk, to keep your spine muscles and bones strong. Being sedentary will only make your lower back worse.

5. Practice Yoga

Yes, yoga is an effective way to reduce lower back strain. According to medical research, yoga can prevent and treat lower back pain. During yoga, you perform moves to stretch and strengthen the body. Keep in mind that appropriate poses can relax spine muscles and strengthen your body. It is a good exercise program to reduce muscle tension in your lower back. Practicing yoga will reduce your pain intensity and strengthen your back.

6. Try Acupuncture

According to research, acupuncture is a highly effective treatment to provide relief from chronic back pain. During the procedure of acupuncture, the central nervous system is stimulated, which releases different pain-killing chemicals into the spinal cord and spinal muscles. These chemicals produce bodily changes and release immune system cells in the body. It triggers the release of chemicals in the brain and reduces pain.  


7. Wear Back Braces

Back braces are especially designed to provide pain relief and improve body posture. Wearing a back brace can hold your back in the best possible position, no matter if you are sitting or standing. You can work it while exercising, sitting, standing or other variety conditions. The goal of back brace is to prevent unnecessary back movements, as frequent and unnecessary extensions and rotation can lead to severe back pain. Moreover, back braces provide strong support to your spine, vertebrae and spinal discs, resulting in relieving pain.

8. Take Muscle Relaxants

Injury and heavy weightlifting are the major causes of lower back strain, which can interfere with your ability to perform routine tasks. Thanks to the over the counter medicines that act as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory. Muscle relaxants can relieve spinal muscle pain by reducing muscle spasms and relaxing muscles. Pain killers can also reduce acute lower back pain and swelling.

A Brief Recap

Low back strain can be unbearable sometimes, affecting your ability to perform routine activities and quality of life. Making some changes in your diet and lifestyles can help you strengthen back muscles and prevent your discomfort. Try these easy tips and home remedies to treat low back pain, strengthen your back muscles and perform your everyday activities without any discomfort.