Lightweight Electric Wheelchair For 2022: 7 Best Models

Wheelchair and prostethics

Wheelchairs are the best tool to help people with mobility issues move around without a helping hand. These can significantly help older adults and those with limited mobility and enhance their living standards by allowing them free movement. With the advancement of technology, we also saw the rise of electric wheelchairs. Still, these come with their own set of benefits and limitations, and a major con is an issue with the massive weight of the wheelchair that limits portability.

With an active and busy lifestyle, most people are now prioritizing weight and portability for enhanced accessibility and stress-free movement. This guide lists the 7 best options you may have when it comes to the lightest and most highly portable choices. In this lightweight wheelchair review, you can find the best wheelchairs available to you or your loved ones, which will help make life a lot easier.

What to look for while choosing a wheelchair?

If you are in the market for a wheelchair, you should have a few criteria listed so that you can understand the user’s needs and choose the best fit per their lifestyle, requirements, and preferences. Here are a few pointers you may want to consider first:

  • Price
  • Total weight
  • Highest weight capacity
  • Foldability and possibility of stowage/disassembly
  • Travel speed

Let us take a look at the 7 best choices!

Featherweight 13.5 Lbs. Wheelchair

First on the list is an excellent contender from the portability perspective, the Featherweight Wheelchair. It weighs a measly 13.5 pounds and is very easy to fold and pack up into a very small and compact form factor.

It has an easy mechanism to remove the wheels with just a push of a button, and the wheels are even easier to fit back. This makes this wheelchair very easy to transport via cargo, flight, or even the boot of a car. You can also accessorize the wheelchair for added convenience.

Features at a glance:

  • Super light 13.5 lbs weight
  • Compact folded state for easy stowing
  • Easy wheel lock brakes and full-length armrests
  • Easy release rear wheels
  • Light yet durable material and construction
  • Removable leg rest
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Resten City Wheelchair

Many favor this excellent choice due to its durability and stable movement.  It can be easily transported or stowed away due to its lightweight and durable construction. The frame is built with aluminum alloy, and the chair is ergonomically designed with an easy fold mechanism. Its main features include brushless motors, shock-absorbing springs, and an electromagnetic braking system.

Power Wheelchair LiteRider Envy

This one is a unique chair that can easily be disassembled into 4 compact parts that can quickly be snuggled in any tight space for travel. When disassembled, this wheelchair’s heaviest part is also very light, weighing just about 35 pounds. It has nifty design features such as a basket underneath the seat for storage, a wide footplate, and 22Ah batteries that are good for a 15.5-mile range.

Jazzy Passport Lightweight Power Wheelchair

This one is another highly compact and lightweight option with many features and benefits. This is an excellent choice from a mobility standpoint, with a 3.6 mph top speed and a tight 25-inch turning radius. It can offer a maximum of 250-pound weight support and comes equipped with a 40-inch belt for safety. Perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions, this has a highly compact and foldable design that makes it a perfect contender for this list.

EWheels EW-M45 Power Wheelchair

Blending in great mileage within its tight and compact frame, the EW-M45 wheelchair is one of the best options you can select when it comes to portability. It can support up to 400 pounds and offers a 15.5-mile range on a full charge, along with options for extending the range. The best part is that it can be folded in half within just a few easy steps.

Geo Cruiser Elite LX Lightweight Power Wheelchair

This one is a safety-focused choice and is highly convenient for storage during long-distance travel. It is easy to pack and stow due to its lightweight chassis and foldable design. A highly durable option, this wheelchair has a frame made of strong titanium alloy. Seating comfort is also plentiful, with features such as soft foam armrests and multiple position adjustments for foot and backrests.

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Compact Holding Power Wheelchair

Designed with super lightweight steel construction, this wheelchair has a compact folding design and mechanism that allows it to be folded for tight storage space within seconds. It is effortless to operate and maneuver. Other features include a 360-degree joystick with speed settings, cushioned seating, dual motors, a safety horn, and a USB charging port.


All things considered, the weight of the wheelchair should be a prime factor, as it directly impacts mobility and portability. An electric wheelchair is an added advantage from the maneuverability standpoint, but these also have to be lightweight for excellent transportation capability. The models listed above not only strike a balance between the best traits but have various other advantages too.