LASIK Recovery- Expert Tips To Make It A Breeze

lasik procedure

LASIK is a popular treatment option for vision correction for people looking to get rid of glasses and contact lenses for good. The procedure is quick, safe, and effective and has an impressive success rate. You need not even stay at the clinic overnight and can resume as usual sooner than you imagine. While the expertise of the LASIK practitioner is crucial to the success of the surgery, you can do your bit to speed up the healing journey for the best results. A little caution and following the doctor’s instructions help to get back on track. Let us share some expert-backed tips to make LASIK recovery a breeze.  

Relax for a few days

Although the procedure is pretty simple, you must take it easy for a few days after it. Avoid yard work, heavy lifting, and cleaning around the house for a week. Strenuous activity stresses the eyes and slows down recovery, so avoid it altogether. Steer clear of driving until the doctor permits it. You may experience post-procedure symptoms such as redness, soreness, irritation, and dryness during the recovery. Relax because they are absolutely normal.

Exercise cautiously

You may want to kick back into your workout routine, but experts recommend sticking with light exercise during recovery. Avoid overdoing anything that causes strain on your eye, so lifting weights and sports are off-limits. A stroll in the park works, but avoid cardio activities such as running or biking. Anything that makes you sweat is not good. Also, remember to protect your eyes from dust and bright light with proper eyewear as you go outdoors. 

Stick to medication and follow-up

After-care is crucial for any procedure, and LASIK is no exception. Your specialist will prescribe eye drops and medicines after the Lasik eye surgery is done. Stick with the doses and timelines as they are essential to healing. Also, remember to be regular with the scheduled follow-up appointments. You must visit the clinic earlier if you notice anything amiss. Ignoring red flags like too much redness, watering, and itching can lead to problems, so stay a step ahead.


Do not read fine print

You may want to resume daily activities after the procedure, but you may have to wait to read the small print. If you are habitual with books and newspapers, skip them for a few days. Small print causes strain on your vision, so you should avoid it. You can listen to the news on the radio, check out an audiobook, or play a music album. Anything that does not stress your eyes is good enough. 

Limit your screen time

Perhaps, the most challenging part of the after-care precautions is to limit your screen time. But it is vital to protect your eyes from the blue light from electronic screens. You can ask your partner to check and reply to your messages and emails. It is better to stay off work for a few days after the procedure. Avoid using your cellphone altogether because it can strain your eyes even more. 

Although LASIK is safe and simple, you must follow the recommendations stringently. It can accelerate recovery and improve the outcome of the procedure.