Is It Worth Doing First Aid Training?

First Aid Kit

It is a widely accepted fact that first aid training has always helped save lives. When extended to injured or ill persons, the correct and appropriate first aid procedures have helped to immediately reduce the affected person’s recovery time. Sometimes, extending quick first aid also helps the person avoid long term harmful effects of the injury or even reduce the possibility of a disability. It is, however, vital for the first aider to remain calm and thoughtfully correct in different kinds of emergency situations. This becomes possible when the first aider has been through proper training and guidance from qualified trainers. 

Proper first aid training helps the aid giver become more effective and in control whenever needed. Not all accidents, injuries, or illnesses need to be taken to the hospital or medical centre. At the same time, it also does not mean that minor injuries and illnesses do not cause pain and suffering to people. It just means that the degree of pain and suffering may be reduced considerably or lowered.

A good emergency response first aid course or training program like the ones from can help with comprehensive knowledge to prepare you for a wide range of emergency situations.

Why Is First Aid Important?

Many times, just knowing how-to and employing simple treatment methods or techniques can help the affected person substantially. Simple tasks like applying an ice pack correctly, using the proper bandage, or sometimes simply holding the affected person’s hand to give comfort can help to relieve their pain and suffering. A crucial aspect of first aid is the emotional support the first aider gives to the affected person by remaining calm, collected, and saying the right things. This approach and attitude have been seen to help patients and affected persons feel more secure, which reduces their anxiety resulting in controlling the pain to some extent. 

At times, if a patient or an injured person is unable to receive basic first aid immediately, their condition has been seen to deteriorate quite rapidly. That is why first aid becomes the most essential and critical link to comfort and stabilize the affected person, at least till the emergency medical services arrive. 

First aiders must equip themselves to cope with multiple situations daily.

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Are First Aiders Helpful?

In a manner of speaking, first aid providers actually become that vital and invaluable link for survival. First aiders are trained to look after themselves first to ensure their own safety as a priority before extending first aid to others. Doing this ensures that if the first aider is safe, then helping others becomes easily viable. It also helps the first aider identify and be alert to potential hazards lurking in the surrounding areas. 

Although there are a lot of benefits to learning and getting trained in first aid, it is essential for the person getting trained to be strong-willed and ready to accept challenges. 

Emergencies can arise in any situation and can come unannounced in the riskiest manner. You can only hope and keep your fingers crossed to wish that accidents do not happen. The reality, however, is quite different. 

Accidents happen when you least expect them to, and when that happens, a doctor or other medically qualified professionals aren’t readily available to help. This is the time that first aiders run to your help and become the lifesavers.

Similarly, emergencies will arise out of nowhere. All you can hope is that you would be able to quickly receive assistance and care from a first aider who would be better equipped to handle your critical situation. Life is full of hazards, and our surroundings have lots of risky situations. These could be risks from eating food and choking or just walking on the road and getting hit by a moving vehicle. It could be absolutely anything. 

In such situations, would you not want to be equipped with adequate knowledge to deal with emergency situations if they were to suddenly erupt? 

It will become critical for you to know symptoms to look for and what corrective measures to take. A well-learned and qualified first aid training course will always be helpful to equip you with understanding what to do, when, how, and why. It could, sometimes, also be the difference between life and death.

Learning about first aid and how you can help yourselves and others around you is critical in the long term and to ensure that your workplace, surrounding environment, and people around you are safe at all times.