Is CBD Safe After Dental Surgery?

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CBD products are gaining more and more popularity, with stories of benefits that help to ease the symptoms of chronic pain conditions and other ailments. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound in hemp plants that have been associated with the calming properties of marijuana use.

Coming in a range of items from edibles to tinctures, CBD is finding itself in new realms including post-surgery treatment. In the case of dental procedures, some CBD users are finding that organic cbd oil canada are helping to alleviate the discomfort that they’re dealing with.

CBD and the discomfort associated with inflammation

While you may have general anesthesia while undergoing dental surgery, that numbness will eventually fade away and then the pain will settle in. That tenderness is brought on by swelling at the site of the procedure, along with inflammation of soft tissue near the tooth and along the gums. One of the common uses of CBD is to help ease inflammation connected to chronic pain conditions like arthritis, relieving joint and tissue pain by using assets of the cannabis plant to promote better circulation.

If you’ve considered looking into these products, be sure to consult your primary care provider, dentist, and any other members of your care team to get the all-clear. From there, take the time to look at some reviews to better understand product terms. From there, take the time to look at some CBD reviews to better understand product terms. This will also help you find the dosage mg of CBD that’s right for your situation. You could also look into the variety of items out there like capsules and CBD gummies, as opposed to oils and topicals.

Avoiding Prescription Medication

Some people fear complex dental work not only because of the pain associated with the procedure but fear of getting addicted to prescription medication. An oral surgeon or dentist will recommend these painkillers for their efficacy in dealing with a significant amount of pain during the recovery process. However, there are more natural and holistic alternatives to treat the pain associated with oral surgery or even wisdom tooth extraction. CBD is a viable option in a variety of forms that can help curb jawbone pain or tooth sensitivity resulting from a procedure.

CBD is known to relieve joint pain and inflammation with a lesser risk of addictive qualities. Some CBD products contain THC, the psychoactive agent in marijuana that leads to a “high”. Be sure to review what CBD brands have to offer, checking labels for the contents, as well as how much CBD is recommended for dosage. This is especially important to get a grasp of the side effects that you may experience. You don’t want to throw yourself into the deep end with hemp oil, as too high of a dosage could lead to discomfort and effects of CBD that may be too much for a first-time user.

Post-Surgery Worry

The length of your dental treatment recovery is depending on the significance of the procedure, as well as your adherence to the recovery guidelines presented by your dentist or oral surgeon. For example, if you just had a dental crown put in, you’ll be dealing with some sensitivity. Don’t go expecting to bite into crunchy foods like carrots without some pain. The length of time of recovery can be stressful, but the right product with CBD may help to alleviate some of that anxiousness.

You may be laid up in bed with significant mouth pain and stiffness, with ice packs just not doing the trick. Certain CBD products could help to put your mind at ease, as the healing process continues at the surgical site. Depending on the type of procedure, recovery can take weeks. It’s important to adhere to a set of standards for proper healing, especially when trying to avoid infection at the site of a tooth extraction or if stitches have been placed on the incision site.