Invisible Aligners for Healthy and Straight Teeth

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Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. But without straight and well-aligned teeth, a perfect smile isn’t going to be so perfect. And that is why many doctors have prescribed the use of teeth aligners. Braces were commonly used to align the teeth but having braces on isn’t comfortable with the metal brackets and the rubber bands that come with them (not to mention that it isn’t cute). That’s why there are invisible aligners that help straighten your teeth as well as keep them healthy. To find out more about invisible aligners and how they can help keep your teeth straight and healthy, keep reading.

Are invisible aligners right for you?

Invisible aligners straighten the teeth with custom-made aligners. And just like braces, they gradually shift the teeth into place. The good thing about them is that they blend into the teeth and are, therefore, invisible. They also offer most of the benefits that traditional braces provide.

However, not everyone can use invisible aligners (especially if you don’t have teeth straightening needs). Fret not, for smaller cosmetic procedures, you can get your teeth grinded at this Dentist in oakbrook terrace before getting your aligners. So if you were planning to get a set of invisible aligners, wait a minute. Though some patients are advised to use aligners, some patients might need surgery. Using an aligner when you need surgery could lead to worsened situations.

You can only use an invisible aligner if you have the following:

  1. Your dentist says you can!
  2. You don’t have a severe overjet, overbite, or any other related dental condition.
  3. You have overcrowded or gap teeth.
  4. You don’t lose things easily (because aligners are easy to misplace).

If you can relate to one or two of the items on the list, then invisible aligners might be right for you.

How invisible aligners can help you

As earlier mentioned, invisible aligners help straighten the teeth and correct many dental conditions. Straight teeth are very important because it is linked to overall better digestion, and makes the teeth easier to clean and take care of. Straight teeth also improve a person’s speech and audibility. It also prevents unnecessary stress on the gums, jawbones, or joints (thereby eliminating head and lower neck pain). In addition to this, there would be less wear and tear, fewer cracks, chips, or breaks, not to mention improved self-confidence. 

Photo by Matheus Ferrero

There are many types of invisible aligners, and one of them is the byte aligners. While talking about byte aligners, it’s essential to know how it works. The byte aligner uses clear, plastic aligners to forcefully move the teeth into a straight position as gradually and gently as possible. It has to be changed regularly during the entire duration of your treatment. It is essential to find an invisible aligner that works for you because it needs to be unique to your mouth and smile. But you have to note that it doesn’t work overnight. It might take up to 6 months or more to get the result you want. However, with a good teeth aligner, your results should be more than satisfying.

Traditional Vs Invisible Aligners

Traditional braces were developed earlier than the invisible aligners, but this is not the only difference between the two. Invisible braces are also more expensive than traditional ones. The time it takes for your teeth to get straightened when using the two also differs. Using invisible braces, it takes an adult a year to complete treatment while it takes children even longer. Generally, treatment is faster with traditional metallic braces than the invisible braces made of plastic.

The invisible aligner is also easier to clean than the traditional braces and also more flexible. You can remove and put it back in the invisible aligner at any point in time (especially for dates, prom, or even business meetings). It doesn’t help the teeth align faster, but it’s much more comfortable. Finally, invisible braces don’t cause as much pain and discomfort as traditional braces.

Start your journey with a healthy and confident smile

The technology behind the invisible teeth aligner is very helpful for those that need to feel more comfortable and confident with braces on. It has also made the quest for a confident and healthy smile much more possible than it was years back. The invisible aligner might be more expensive and might take a little longer than metal braces, but they are easier to clean, removable, invisible, and not to mention plastic. This means that you can now be assured that the mild pains and aches from the metal are history. Though having the invisible braces does not mean fewer visits to the doctor, it is safe to say that the journey is much better and sweeter than it used to be.


Braces are not for everyone. But if you find yourself needing one, you could go for the invisible aligners. The criteria to use invisible aligners, how they help, the benefits of invisible aligners over the traditional braces, and any other information that you need to know about invisible braces have all been detailed above. Therefore, we advise that you carefully read through what has been highlighted to ensure that you have been fully informed and enlightened. Then you can get yourself an invisible aligner and plan a visit to the dentist.