Innovative Applications of RFID


With the rise of technological innovations, information becomes easier to store and access. Information technology serves as a powerful and innovative tool in modern times as it can be applied just about anywhere such as security and identification. A practical application of this is RFID labels, otherwise known as smart labels. RFID labels are powerful tools used for tracking, record keeping, inventory management and many more, and that can even be customized.

This article here will list just some of its practical and unique applications and how you can use them for your own custom RFID labels.

Contactless Payment

A simple yet effective application of this technology is the capability of creating a contactless payment which are transactions where physical contact between the card and the terminal is absent. This allows the cardholder to complete a transaction just by presenting or waving the card in front of the reader. 

The simple science behind this is that the chip inside the card relies on the energy being transferred, through radio waves, by the terminal to power on which completes the transaction. This effectively removes having to input your PIN or writing down your signature.

Employee ID and Credentials

Many companies and organizations still utilize biometric scans like fingerprints to clock in for work on the day. While the pandemic has pushed some for more innovative approaches, biometric scans still are being used as they are reputable in verification. The technology can be integrated into the system as more information can be placed inside and can be customized to the holder’s preference. This allows for a wider and diverse range of information and easy identification of the person alongside an easier time in verification as the need of password and pins can be set aside. It allows for personnel tracking and control with the access of restricted areas or company data.

Neighborhood and Home Security

The application of this technology can help in home security similar to how it works with employee IDs. The only difference is that it is not only limited to a person but can be done to things such as cars which can be done with customized RFID labels as car stickers. It provides a heightened form of security as it prevents any suspicious vehicles to enter your neighborhood as without the sticker, they won’t get instant access to the area and have to go through the security gate. Residents with the RFID can easily go in and out of the residence as the gates can simply detect the car coming and open itself to it. This makes it easier with distinguishing between the residents and visitors, saving time from checking on the residents and making sure all the visitors are safe and accounted for.

Inventory Management and Document Tracking

It is the most common application of RFID labels and for good reason. It provides a lot of benefits, namely labor cost reduction and faster processing of goods. Products are easily processed and shipped out as there is no need to check and account for each individual product, making it faster. As stated previously, labor cost is reduced as inventory management is more accessible since it requires less verification and employees needed while also providing constant uptime and live updates on a products status and location which can be relayed to a customer to their convenience.

With the large amount of data being readily available, tracking them is progressively getting more time consuming as you have to skim through each document until you find the specific one. Documents such can easily be kept track of as RFID labels can significantly reduce the time needed to search a missing document alongside its potential legal and financial impact if said document would go missing.