How to Write an Application Essay for Medical College


Writing an admission application to a medical college is a herculean task. But, it has the lion’s share in making your statement stand out in a pile. Thereby, you must appear as a bright, communicative, and passionate medical student in it. Below are given 5 top ideas to write an impressionable application for medical school.

Select Engaging and Relevant Topic

When you have selected an essay type of application for medical admission, the next concern is topic selection. There is an excellent array of topics to select from. Just keep in mind that your chosen topic should be controversial, engaging, and significantly related. Alternatively, you can google it to make a good choice. Besides, you can visit social media sites for help. For example, go to YouTube and search for med school essay tips and topics. You will see countless channels ready to assist you. Giving them your ten minutes can prepare you for a good start. Apart from this, below are given a few excellent medical application essay topics to go with:

  • The incident that challenged your viewpoint about the medical field;
  • Things in your life that invited you to the medical career;
  • What motivated you to go ahead in medicine;
  • Your work with a mentor or a motivational personality led you to seek expertise in medicine;
  • The biggest hindrances in your life that challenged your medical field interests.

Stay Focused

It is said that focusing on your targets removes the fear that keeps distracting you. So, it is important to concentrate while doing an important task like a medical application. If you are confident in your ideas, perspective and command over language, a little attention to focus is the key to success. Below are given a few ways to stick to your select themes with total concentration:

  • Sit in a quiet place with no distractions. Sitting in your TV lounge or college garden may break your rhythm again and again. Hence, find solitude at first;
  • Switch off your mobile phone while writing a medical school essay for admission. It will save you from tempting attacks of social media on your psyche;
  • Before you begin writing, ensure you are not hungry or sleepy;
  • Ensure you are writing in a lighted room. The best idea is to sit in natural sunlight for the most soothing sensation and improved creativity;
  • If you have any emotional issues, try to resolve them first. If it is impossible, try meditations to come out of useless heartache to pay full heed to your work;
  • When you are tired, take a break. Drink water, have some snacks, laugh with your loved ones for a while, and begin again;
  • Stay close to nature and enjoy nature’s sounds like nightingale’s song, raindrops tip-tip or 
  • Buzzes of wind in thick leaves. It purifies emotions and gives positive energy to focus on your task.

Be an Effective Storyteller

study concentration

Whether you select a story or essay as your personal statement in the application to medical college, you need to be descriptive, informative, and accurate. You must break your task into three major parts: beginning, middle, and end. But, you have to be convincing and comprehensive for all parts with an engaging but concise personal touch. Below are given tricks to relate your personal statement more effectively:

  • Write the essay in the first person. Describe things from your standpoint with personal thinking and reactions to different happenings; 
  • Cliché is not a good idea for a personal statement for medical school. Although they give fresh air to other writings, you must avoid them for an outstanding medical admission application;
  • Adopt a serious tone and communicate all emotions attached to your story. Whether your experience made you happy or traumatized, the reader must relate to it;
  • Use imagery; let the reader see, listen, touch, taste, and smell like you did in your application essay;
  • Try to be as accurate to your reader because they can realize where you distract from reality. It may have a bad impact on the overall impression of your application.
  • Go through sample application essays for help with writing a solid personal statement.


When you are done, you must edit the draft again and again. Read out the entire text loudly to know how it sounds. If possible, read it in front of your brother, sister, or any family member who can guide you best. You can also share the file with your seniors to detect your mistakes. Also, you can get medical school essay help by sending the file to custom writing companies. They have a current, tech-based quality assurance system to most professionally proofread your text.

You can also use the latest software to proofread your file. It is simple to download them from the internet. Many of them provide app extensions for browsers. Once you install them, you can always use them with a single click. The better way to proofread your application through these apps is by getting access to their premium versions. They grant you many more options and suggestions to improve the text quality. Tools like text generators may also help you with editing, copy-pasting and keeping your text neat and free of errors.

In other writings, proofreading comes to an end before final submission. The matter is different when you are writing an application for medical college. Here, the file is not ready after proofreading. Instead, you have to take multiple opinions.

Seek Expert Opinions

It is important to know whether the chosen topic, tone, style, and vocabulary in the application are significant for approval or not. Therefore, it is important to contact experts for feedback before final submission.

If a professor is in your family or friends’ circle, ask for their opinion. Ask them to suggest ways to improve the health of your medical application essay for college. If they find inaccuracies and lack of passion for missing accomplishments, ask them to guide you on tweaks. 

You can also take help from experts available online. They can review your work and give them scores. Thus, you realize whether it is ready to hit submission or not.

Apart from this, you can also get medical school application essay help from custom writers and proofreaders. They are always there to accept your orders and begin instant executions. These companies highlight your errors and provide you with a first-rate, professional application for medical college admission. 

Once everything is done and you have sent the application essay to authorities, begin to prepare for the interview. Be optimistic about the results and have a good time with friends and family. It will keep you physically and mentally fit to perform well in the interview when they call you.

Article edited and fact checked by our editorial team