5 Tips On How To Prevent And Treat Acne On The Skin


Acne is a skin condition that appears most often on the face but can be seen anywhere on the skin. This common skin condition can be triggered by blockage of the skin by bacteria, hair, oily substance, and dead skin cells.  The blockage produces nodules, blackheads, whiteheads, and any other types of pimples.

Anyone that has experienced acne will know how difficult it is to treat. But while trying to treat, you can prevent new ones from being produced.

The Propionibacterium acnes has been linked to one of the causes of acne breakouts. This bacteria is present in the skin, and it causes acne breakouts when it turns sebum into fatty acids. Other causes include improper skincare, stress, puberty, genetics, high humidity, oily skin care products, medications, and fluctuating hormone levels.

Teenagers and young adults undergoing hormonal changes are mostly affected by acne.

The treatment of acne is dependent on its mildness or severity. Some tips can help you prevent further breakouts and treat the existing acne.

Biologique Recherche’s Product & Treatment 

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. A healthy one contributes to a feeling of confidence. This is why your skin should be well cared for. Environmental toxins and the sun usually tackle the skin, but a healthy skincare regimen will protect your skin.

The use of French skincare products is presently on the rise. The French have various methods they use against skin issues, and this is all thanks to their serious concern about skincare. You can also emulate these treatments, techniques, and science using the Biologique Recherche products and methods.

The Biologique Recherche products are biotechnologically extracted plant-based and bio marine products. Their three-stage method is undoubtedly one of the finest skincare methodologies you can give to your skin. The stages consist of the following steps:

Assessment Stage

The Biologique Recherche methodology gives your skin a unique treatment. The skincare experts will take a dermo-cosmetic diagnosis of your skin for a detailed analysis.

Initialization Stage

The initialization stage is meant to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. It involves a thorough cleansing of the skin alongside a massage.

Treatment Stage

The skin is treated with highly concentrated products. The treatment involves the use of Biologique Recherche methodology to hydrate the epidermis. A cleanser is used at this stage to remove every contaminant, prevent skin issues, hydrate the skin, remove all layers of dead skin, and minimize aging.  

Prevention and Treatment of Acne

Reduce Makeup

Everybody wants clear skin. Therefore you can be tempted to use makeup to cover up the acne on your face. But doing that will make your pores clog and breakouts triggered.

If you still want to use your makeup, you should be mindful of the products you use. Choose non-comedogenic and fragrance-free products because they would irritate your skin less. Wash off makeup from your face before going to bed at night.

Your choice of hair care products should be oil-free because they can also cause breakouts when they come in contact with your skin.

Wash Your Face Properly

Washing your face is necessary to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin. But doing it too much can make your acne breakouts worse. Too much washing of the face can strip the skin of its natural sebum, hence, producing more oil.  

How To Wash Your Face:

  • Use lukewarm water to wet your face. 
  • Apply a cleanser in a gentle motion with your fingers. 
  • Rinse after minutes and pat dry.

Do Not Scrub Harshly

Using washcloths or rough cloth pads can irritate the skin and cause vicious acne breakouts. Use your hands to apply a cleanser or a recommended brush that will not trigger the outbreak of pimples.

Do Not Be a Pimple Popper

Although it is tempting to squeeze pimples, it usually results in scarring and inflammation. Instead of popping, proper treatments should be used to reduce the appearance of blemishes. It takes time to work, but it is the best method.

Reduce Sun Exposure

The skin becomes dehydrated when it is exposed to the sun. The skin is made to block pores and produce more oil. Wearing sunscreen is very important for protecting your skin. Choose an oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen.


The recommended methods of treating acne can also be used in preventing them. Gentle cleaning of the skin, eating a healthy diet, reducing stress, and selective use of skincare products are some known methods of preventing and treating acne. It is recommended that you see a dermatologist when the symptoms persist. Skin requires a lot of care during the healing process. As each skin type is different so is the way to take care of it. Invest time and effort to know what works best for you.