How To Practice Self-Care as A Yoga Teacher

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Undeniably, “one cannot compare teaching yoga to other forms of services.” As Yoga isn’t all about chanting, it also includes – meditation, physical activities, and postures to improve regulatory breathing. Which has multiple mind body benefits for overall health. So, it automatically becomes a huge responsibility for a yoga teacher to teach with dedication and good intentions. 

But working all day long can also be tiring or darning for them. We should never forget that the one who spends all day long teaching also requires “me time” for themselves. So they can stay fit and make others fit! 

Challenges Faced by Yoga Teachers   

When you offer yoga teachings, there is no surprise you will come across a group of people with whom you have to share knowledge, help them, guide them, and, most importantly, gain their trust. And if you are among those teachers who wish to bring some change in society, this can be a great way to make connections and bring some positive change.   

But again, it takes a lot of work to execute multiple yoga sessions in a single day! Travelling to different studios, meeting new people, and offering workshops and gyms can be extremely daunting.    

As a result, it’s pretty apparent that yoga teachers deal with mental stress or anxiety.    

A Self Care Checklist You Can’t Afford to Miss    

Before you burn out, practising a few self-care habits and maintaining calm during your yoga teachings is essential. This self-care checklist guide will provide you mind-body benefits and help keep your environment quite welcoming.  

Now, without further ado, let us jump to the checklist and gain In-depth knowledge   

Make Room for Your Practice   

Take out a few minutes from your routine and practise deep breathing. It will calm your nerves and brain and allow you some relaxation time. You can also go for chanting; the only purpose is to practise some activity each day.   

Avoid Over Exerting Yourself   

Although teaching yoga is no less than a noble job, they also require shelter and food to eat. Several people will ask you to take all opportunities and cover yoga classes for free. It’s not fair on their part to be consumed for nothing in return. Also, if you already have much on your plate, it’s better to learn to say no and avoid over-exerting yourself.   

Maintain a Healthy Diet  

Yoga trainers are always looked up to for having a well-shaped body. And to build that Insta-yogi image, most people either eat less or eat highly calculated. But social media can make things worse and your health as well. Instead, as yoga consumes a lot of energy from our body, ensure you eat fresh, vibrant food along with multivitamins as per the doctor’s prescription.   

Take Proper Sleep   

Taking proper sleep is essential for a yoga teacher. Usually, due to prior commitments or when you take up a lot of work, you end up overexerting yourself. As per this study, a minimum of 6 hours to 8 hours of sleep is required for an adult. Permit yourself to sleep early or a little longer in the mornings to attain some mind body benefits.  

Seek Massage Therapist  

It’s natural for a yoga trainer to seek a good massage therapist and ease mental and physical stress with repetitive yoga sessions. It is guaranteed that you have to deal with body pain & aches. You can opt for a massage therapist, ayurvedic practitioner, or osteopath, or try some self-massage techniques.  


The job of a yoga teacher is quite daunting; they spend their mornings and evenings teaching people yoga. In this hustle and bustle, they often forget to care for themselves. Indeed, after you took the best online yoga teacher training, teaching this discipline is a noble job, but compromising health is never a great decision. So, take some time off your busy routine and look after your health. 

In this write-up, experts have added a checklist for self-care as a yoga teacher; you must give it a read if you are willing to be a pro.