How to mentally cope with gambling loss

Gambling Addiction

With addiction, gamblers don’t often realize the number of their losses until they aren’t left with any amount of money to gamble on. Even online casino websites have become more addictive than land based ones because of their convenience of being played anywhere anytime. Hence, addiction is seen as its consequence.

However, before getting into gambling, gamblers need to do more research into the statistics of the games they play. The casino does not make money via players losing, rather by not paying true odds when they win. This attracts more gamblers, and they fail to realize where they’re losing. It becomes too late when they realize, and they go through a mentally disturbing phase. Certain things need to be followed and kept in mind after one has lost much in gambling.

Give a pause on gambling

Whether one chooses to cease gambling forever or for a specified time depends on the loss’s circumstances. If losses are beginning to pile up, then seeking to solve the gambling losses by more gambling is not the solution. It is better to give a pause on gambling if one has suffered a large loss.

One could divert the mind from such gambling losses by engaging in different activities like joining an amateur sports team, going to the gym, or start a walking or hiking club. These gamblers need something to replace the excitement that they used to get from gambling. These activities may not give the thrill as gambling does, but it will help keep the mind off gambling and losses. Even taking a break for a few months may help their game to improve as time passes.

Fixing the budget

Sometimes, overspending is the prime reason for such massive losses. But, if gamblers fix an amount that they can spend ahead of time when their brains are not in the game, this may help them stay on track.

Preparing a budget to figure out how much money one might spend each month on gambling will help reduce losses. Gamblers should not spend money on gambling that they don’t have and then get mad at themselves when they run out of money for other monthly expenses. A bankroll helps them save small amounts of money. They can then gamble without taking money from their bills. If gamblers know how much they can spend going in and stick with it, they will feel better about gambling.

New gambling strategies 

Once fixing a budget in mind, gamblers need to figure out how to get the most amount about gambling, which means they need to start all over. They need to study each form of gambling that they have tried. They probably need to spend a considerable amount of time perfecting a new strategy. They need to study the game they want to play, learn it backward and forward, and practice until they can play well. They may find that these games are better suited for them with practice and strategy than the games they had played previously. Going through LottoAsian and playing the lottery online can give a brief idea about the strategies that need to be followed.

Setting goals

If someone has decided to join the casino again and has decided to play a different game, the further step is to establish winning and loss goals. One needs to have the goals firmly in mind before walking back into a casino.

In a fresh mind about gambling, gamblers also need to establish a bank account different from their other bank accounts, which is used only for gambling. In the case of separate bank accounts, they won’t be prompted to use their other accounts to pay for gambling. If they stick to using only what’s in their gambling account, they lose only what they can afford to lose.

Along with this process, keeping a record book of the games that one has won or lost is also effective. There is also software to keep track of these transactions. It helps to figure out if there are any patterns to respective wins and losses, and in the case of multiple games, which games one is better at.


Many therapies suggest lots of ways to create a plan to stop gambling, get clear of any debt that may have incurred, and remain free from addiction. There are also gambling problems helplines available 24/7 and are 100% confidential for those seeking help for a gambling problem. Some people can cope with gambling losses independently, but others need assistance to address their gambling issues. It may be that there are groups in an area gamblers can go to for help to decide if they have a gambling problem. Family members can also receive help and support. Though gambling addiction is a serious issue, it can be overcome with work and support.