How to Make Sense of Your Birth Chart


For those unfamiliar with such, a birth chart is a diagram that determines one’s placement in signs, planets, asteroids, etc. When a person is born, their birth is influenced by the planets and the stars in the constellation. 

Astrological charts are numerical charts that define where a person stands in astrological terms, while a birth chart shows a person’s basic characteristics and traits accurately. In addition, it calculates the astrological aspects and position of planetary bodies at the time of your birth to help interpret your future. 

If you want to make sense of your birth chart, you need to be aware of several things. In addition, it is necessary to understand the three important factors that make up a birth chart: the signs, the houses, and the planets. 

Reading Astrological Signs

The 12 zodiac birth signs are the first things you need to recognize to understand and interpret birth charts. These signs cover a comprehensive set of traits and individual characteristics, so you’ll need to study them. 

Below you’ll find listed the steps to take when learning to read astrological signs. 

Determine Your Sign

The first thing you need to do is locate your sign. The outer rim of a zodiac chart is divided into 12 sections that designate an individual’s birth sign. A person’s birth date falls into one of these sections, determining their birth sign.

The Meaning of Personal Signs

Once you’ve determined your zodiac, you will need to learn everything you can about the sign. Each sign possesses a strong influence on an individual’s personality. For example, a person who is Aries is supposedly passionate, driven, and ambitious. Sagittariuses, on the other hand, tend to be more adventurous and honest. You can read more about them by searching for the personal qualities of Sagittarius or any other sign that you want. It is vital to understand each sign’s characteristics to move forward. You can as well get a lot of info from websites like Astrostyle or Cafe Astrology. Though it might seem a bit hammy, these characteristics have been determined over thousands of years of astrological studies.

What Affects Sign Readings

You need to understand that a person’s zodiac sign alone is only a small component of how a birth chart is interpreted. The other astrological aspects, the houses, and the planets, influence the birth sign, determining how it’s read in the zodiac chart. If you want more insight into your genealogical history and how it might be connected to your astrological result, consider using a Top 10 DNA test service that’s been vetted and rated. 

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Interpreting the houses

Similar to the 12 zodiac signs, there are 12 Houses. The Houses have 12 sectors on the birth chart that also describe various aspects of a person’s life, specifically their possible future course of action. The 12 houses are influenced by planets and change the interpretation of the base descriptors of the 12 zodiac signs. Here’s how you learn to read and interpret the 12 Houses:

Find the Ascendant

The first thing you need to do to find your house is determine the ascendant. The ascendant is an important element of the astrology chart that shows the position of a person’s house using the cardinal points and the angle of the various sectors found on the chart.

The First Six Houses

Once you’ve determined your ascendant, you should focus on learning about the first six houses. These houses show various aspects of one’s life, such as relationships, careers, etc. Each sign rules a different house, influencing a person’s astrology chart.

The first house represents a person at birth. The second denotes personal assets and self-worth. The third house is all about transportation and communication. The fourth house represents home and family. The fifth points to children and how one relates with them, and the sixth represents health and service.

The Last Six Houses

Once you’ve learned about the first six houses, you should focus on the last six houses. The seventh house represents relationships; the eighth is concerned with health and wellbeing; the ninth house centers on long distant journeys which may be physical or metaphorical. Finally, the tenth represents career and status, and the eleventh and twelfth stand for hopes and secrets.

Understanding the Planets

The final piece of the puzzle to figuring out your birth chart is understanding the planets. The planets are related to specific energies that directly impact a person’s daily life. Here’s how you learn to understand the planets.

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Locate Planets

You will need a planetary chart to learn the planet positions and which sections of the astrological charts they fall into. These can be determined by knowing the particular planet which passes through the different houses.

The Personal Planets

After learning the positions of the planets, you need to understand the first set of planets known as personal planets. The planets are divided into personal planets and outer planets, representing different things. Each represents part of a person’s identity. The personal planets comprise the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

The Outer Planet 

Once you’ve learned about the personal planets, focus on learning about the outer planets. The outer planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They point to various aspects of one’s personality that aren’t covered by the personal planets.

Learning Takes Time

Making sense of your birth chart will be quite difficult initially as you’ll have to learn a lot of new things that you never learned at school. But with some patience and perseverance, you will learn the ins and outs of the process. For best results, learn from someone that’s already an expert at making sense of birth charts.