How to Make Living With a Disability Easier


Disability is becoming more widely accepted every year. There is now a variety of rules and regulations in place to ensure equality for everybody, regardless of their disabilities.

While we are all moving towards a more inclusive and accepting society, living with a disability can make day-to-day life very difficult.

There are thousands of different disabilities and they all come with their own unique challenges. Every disability has its own degree of hardship, whether it’s a visible condition or not.

Often, extra support is required for those who are living with one or more disabilities. They not only affect the person with the disability, but also those around them, including family, friends, teachers, and other students.

When the right support system hasn’t been put into place, it can make things even more difficult for the disabled individual.

So, what steps can be taken to make life easier for those who are living with a disability?

This infographic was created by Coapt Engineering, an integrated prosthetics company

Disability Benefits

If you are living with a long-term or short-term disability, you may be entitled to full or partial disability benefits.

Temporary disability benefits cover any financial loss that you have experienced due to an injury at work. They are a substitute for your wage and they are limited to 104 weeks within a five-year period after the injury.

Ideally, your payment should cover the amount that you would have gained if you could have continued working injury-free. In reality, it’s usually two-thirds of your average weekly salary.

Permanent disability benefits are for those whose ability to work has been permanently impacted by an injury or illness.

This type of disability is calculated on a scale from 0-100%. If your rating is below 100%, you will be considered partially disabled and your payments may be limited. If your rating is 100%, you will be entitled to disability benefits for the rest of your life.

Get a Disabled Parking Permit

Finding a parking space when you’re disabled can be stressful. With a disabled parking permit, you can park in the disabled bays that are situated closer to the facility than the standard parking bays.

By law, every facility must have disabled parking spots. They are usually wider and they are denoted by one of the disability symbols.

Having a disability parking permit gives you more independence and freedom. You can head to your favorite public places knowing that you won’t struggle to park.

Adapt Your Home

There are a variety of home modifications and aids that you can get to make your home life easier when you’re disabled.

With the help of a professional occupational therapist, your home can be assessed to see where suitable modifications can be made.

You might get a ramp by your front door so you can enter and exit your home safely. You might be able to get your doorways widened to make navigation through your home easier. Medical alarm buttons can be built into your bathroom in case you have a fall and are unable to get back up.

These modifications will ensure your safety and independence are maintained while you’re at home.