How to Maintain a Youthful Appearance as You Age

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Noticing an increase in loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles is completely normal as you get older. However, many people wish to reduce the change in appearance as much as possible. There are ways to do this that will benefit the function of the skin and boost your confidence. It is never too late to take care of your skin and explore options for a makeover transformation.

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

The most common cause of wrinkles is prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays, which penetrate the elastic fibers in the skin. The damage from the sun collectively builds up over the years and becomes most recognizable in old age. To keep skin firm and reduce wrinkles with the help of a barrier to these harmful rays, make a routine of applying SPF products before heading outside. There is a wide variety of SPF products available for different skin types, to fit all budgets, so there is no excuse for venturing out unprotected.

Moisturize and Massage

Forming a consistent routine for moisturizing and massaging the skin can help to reduce signs of aging in the skin. This is because moisturizers provide a protective layer between the skin and the harsh climates faced each day. For instance, cold weather can cause dryness and irritation. Using a moisturizer also helps the skin replenish by producing collagen, which keeps the face looking smooth and plump. Massaging the moisturizer into the skin can help to release tension, relax the muscles, and increase blood flow which contributes to cell regeneration and reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Explore Cosmetic Procedures

When signs of aging such as loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are already present and preventative measures will not be effective in achieving results, cosmetic procedures could be worth considering. Whilst it is important to approach such procedures with caution, they can often be effective at reversing skin damage and maintaining a youthful appearance over the following years. The most common procedure sought in this area is a facelift, where loose skin is removed via an incision and the skin heals tighter. There are different extremes of a facelift depending on the needs of the patient. A thread lift is a less invasive alternative, where reversible threads are inserted to hold up the skin for more subtle results that provide a boost of confidence.

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If this sounds interesting, start by searching for a clinic that offers a thread lift bournemouth or local to you to enjoy a youthful transformation.

Opt for Natural Makeup

Makeup can be used to enhance natural features, but overdoing it can make people look older, rather than younger. This is because heavy products can amplify issues with skin texture which might be an insecurity. With the help of a routine adjustment, makeup can help in maintaining a youthful appearance and disguising signs of aging. Consider making these swaps:

  • Prioritize a lightweight, even coverage
  • Ditch the contour 
  • Go for matte, not a glow
  • Powder lightly
  • Apply blush higher
  • Stay away from dark eye looks
  • Overline the lips with a pencil
  • Embrace natural brows
  • A highlight at the highest points of the face

By protecting your skin from sun damage with SPF products, moisturizing and massaging regularly, and opting for natural makeup, you can maintain a youthful appearance as you age. These are simple lifestyle changes that will boost your confidence, with immediate results. However, sometimes signs of aging and skin damage are already present and difficult to address. In which case, it might be worth exploring options of cosmetic procedures such as a face or thread lift, to achieve the desired results.