How To Help Your Kids Transition Back into School After Holiday

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For many parents, the end of the holiday break is a long-awaited event. Figuring out childcare or spending countless hours with them during the day can take a toll, and it is nice to return to a normal routine. However, kids are not always as excited to return to school. Not only do they enjoy their days of leisure, but it can be hard to get back into the daily school schedule. The key to helping with the transition is to begin preparing a few days before the start of school.

Start Preparation Days in Advance

More than likely, your children’s schedules have changed in numerous ways. A regular sleep schedule is one of those that has probably fallen off the rails, as bedtimes and wake-up times are generally later. If you do not begin getting back into a sleep routine prior to the first day back at school, your child will probably be tired and cranky those first few days back. To prevent this, start implementing the school sleep schedule three to four days prior to returning. If your child is having trouble falling asleep earlier, try a natural sleep roll-on to encourage relaxation and calming.

There is also a good chance your children have not engaged in much learning over the break. Help transition their brains by having them read or partake in other academic activities before going back. 

Practice an Effective Morning Routine

The morning routine is often just as important as the bedtime one. For a couple of days prior to going back to school, begin the day as you would normally do on a school day. This includes getting dressed, having breakfast, and other morning activities you do before school.

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The truth is, transitioning back to school can be challenging for parents as well. When thinking about how can parents practice mindfulness? it can be helpful to focus on the five senses to give the body and brain a break. Doing this can help you as parents figure out the best plan for a seamless transition back to school.

Keep the Immune System Strong

Another concern about returning to school may be contracting illnesses due to being around so many students again. Some kids may have suffered from colds or flu over the break, and the sugary treats that are often around during the holidays can suppress the immune system, making them more susceptible to getting sick.

Focus on good nutrition over the break to boost your child’s immunity. Key nutrients include vitamins D, C, A, and E; iron; zinc; and selenium. If your child’s diet was less than ideal during the break, stock up on an individual or immune-boosting supplements.

Although exercise often takes a back seat during the holidays, try to have your children be as active as possible, as this helps keep the immune system strong. You can even make it a family thing.

If your child does come back from school with symptoms of illness, prepare things like a cough syrup and other remedies to reduce symptoms and help with a quick recovery.