How to Find a Christian Rehab Center

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Substance abuse or addiction is a reality in today’s society. Anybody can be addicted to drugs or alcohol and even both, across ages, gender, socioeconomic status, and religion. Addiction undermines everything that a person strives to become, it can completely alter one’s personality, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. The course of substance abuse follows a pattern of behavior from mild to severe and until the addict reaches rock bottom or a near-death experience that would jolt them into the reality that they need help or give up entirely on their life. Mostly, addicts who reach out for help need the support and structure of a rehabilitation center to be able to free themselves from the clutches of addiction. Since addiction is a huge problem for society, the government and other organizations have poured so much funding to support programs that would help prevent and control addiction and rehabilitate the addict. Consequently, many rehabilitation centers cater to substance abuse disorders, and each has a program anchored in their organization’s mission and goals. There are state-run facilities that are often subsidized or free for those who cannot afford it, but it runs a much more rigid program, while there are privately owned rehabilitation centers that are expensive and have a different approach to rehabilitation. Among those privately owned facilities are those that are run by a church or a nonprofit attached to a church and espouse the Christian approach to rehabilitation. For those who want to go to a more spiritual center that anchors rehabilitation in one’s faith and belief in God, then a Christian Rehab Center is the best choice. However, it is not easy to find one, especially since addiction is viewed differently in the spiritual perspective as compared to the biomedical perspective that most state and government-owned facilities adhere to. The concept that addiction is a disease has been ingrained in our understanding of addiction and at times there is disbelief in how spirituality can be an effective means of rehabilitating someone with an addiction. 

What is Christian Rehab Center? 

Simply put, a Christian Rehab Center is a substance abuse rehabilitation facility that aims to help addicts take charge of their behavioral, mental, emotional, and physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. Addiction is multifaceted and as it is caused by a myriad of factors, so it is also possible that the treatment and rehabilitation of addiction can use different approaches and it can be as effective as any other approach. A Christian Rehab Center is by all intents and purposes a rehabilitation clinic that provides those with substance use disorder the treatment they need to detoxify and remove the drugs that are in their system. But instead of relying on the biomedical approach, the Christian Rehab Center focuses on the willpower of the person to experience withdrawal symptoms and detoxify with the help of prayers and meditation. The first few days after the individual has not taken any drugs are the most difficult, in the traditional rehab centers, they are often placed in a controlled environment and physically monitored until the withdrawal symptoms pass. But for Christian Rehab Centers, are given the support, care and assistance, and prayers to get them past that difficult stage. As the former addict goes into recovery, they are asked to pray and to trust that God will help them gain the confidence to stop being an addict and to ask for forgiveness from all the people they hurt while they were an addict. For this kind of rehab center, the approach to addiction is not as a disease but as a setback in life, as someone who has lost their way, and in which their faith in God will also bring them out of it. 

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How to Find Christian Rehab Center? 

If you are on the lookout for a Christian Rehab Center for your loved one or yourself, the best place to search for a center nearby is using the internet. You can search for any rehab centers with your web browser and key in the phrase Christian Rehab Center and it will give you the most viable results it can find. You need to check every website that the search engine gives you on the results page as some facilities just set up their websites but do not have any updated information on them. You just need the contact number or email address of the center so that you can contact them and inquire about their services and programs. If you want a rehab center that is run by nonprofits or a church, then you can also ask people you know who volunteer in nonprofits or those who work in the church for any recommendations. As much as it is embarrassing to ask for information and referrals for this kind of concern, there is no shame in asking for help. When someone reaches out for your help, be sure to be present for the person and to help them in any way that you can. When you have narrowed down the possible centers that you want to work with, you can schedule a site visit or a consultation with the rehab center so you can clarify with them all the concerns that you have as well as get to know the program coordinator or the center manager. You can ask about the different ways in which an individual can be committed to a rehab center and the associated costs if any for being enrolled in the program. You have to know all pertinent details before you can have yourself or your loved one committed to the facility especially if you are looking for a more Christian approach to rehabilitation. 

Where to find Christian Rehab Center? 

The best place to look for Christian Rehab Centers is through the bulletin board of the church that you go to, as they may post flyers for their parishioners. If you do not go to church regularly but still would want that kind of rehab center for a family member, then just reach out to the church and ask for recommendations.