How To Extract Psilocybin Via Ultrasonic Isolation


In the food, cosmetic and chemical industries, such a tool as ultrasonic extraction is actively used. This extraction method is also suitable for magic mushrooms, although it is considered an alternative way of how to extract psilocybin. This technique is deemed a highly effective, fast, reliable and safe, and easy way to extract psilocybin

Ultrasonic Extraction

To extract psilocybin from magic mushrooms through ultrasonic extraction, you will need water, ethanol, or ethyl alcohol as solvents. First, you need to cut fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms into small pieces. You can use both the caps and the stems, as both parts of the mushroom contain psilocybin.

Then place the mushrooms in a glass and fill it with cold water. You can also place the glass beaker in an ice bath to keep the temperature low. Then start the ultrasonic equipment for psilocybin extraction. At some point, the suspension will turn blue, indicating that the solvent now contains extracted psilocybin.

Afterward, it is necessary to strain or filter the solution from the mushroom residue. The residue can be squeezed out and used for a second extraction. 

Use the evaporation system of your ultrasonic equipment to remove the solvent. One to two grams of magic mushrooms yields about 1 cc of the final psilocybin extract. Because the mushrooms are natural products, so the concentration of psilocybin varies.

Psilocybin extract can be stored in a dark glass bottle in the freezer.

Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment

There are industrial ultrasonic extractors as well as smaller models for home use. They can be equipped with additional accessories to suit your needs. Setting up such equipment depends on the intended capacity, volume, raw material, and timing. Contact an expert or equipment supplier to fine-tune the ultrasonic extractor for increased yield.