How Supplements Help Manage Arthritis Pain

supplements for arthritis

Arthritis pain could affect millions of people worldwide each year, and for each of these patients, the treatments they undergo could differ. Because patients won’t always experience the same intensity of their symptoms, they could all benefit from a more customized plan for relieving their pain, which could include supplements.

According to Medical News Today, arthritis is a term that encompasses around 100 conditions, meaning patients will first have to establish the exact cause of their pain before searching for the perfect supplement for their unique set of symptoms.

Although patients will have various symptoms and not all treatments will work for everyone, these patients all have common goals for taking supplements. Generally, patients want to have a better quality of life, and below are some of the ways supplements may help them with achieving this goal:

Preventing further deterioration and inflammation

Patients with arthritic conditions will know how important it is to prevent further deterioration of their joints and the inflammation that goes along with it. Those visiting a rheumatologist may be familiar with infusion treatments that contain their chronic medication. However, they should also consider asking their doctor about adding supplements to the mix.

Supplements like chondroitin, collagen, and glucosamine may help to prevent the further deterioration of the cartilage around the joints, which could cause less pain and discomfort for the patient. Moreover, a rheumatologist could provide more insight into these benefits and whether they will be helpful to the patient.

Slowing down the progression of the disease

Most cases of arthritis become progressively worse as time passes, leaving many patients fearing the future. For this reason, patients will grab any opportunity to slow down this progression and turn to supplements to help.

With that said, a new Harvard study has suggested that supplements like vitamin D and fish oil could be just what these patients are looking for as a solution. Furthermore, slowing down the disease could lead to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as the patient can be more mobile for much longer than without the supplements.

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Reducing pain and improving function

Conditions like arthritis that leave patients in pain could severely affect their ability to perform regular chores. Not only does it drain their energy, but it also could hold them hostage as it is too painful to move. Over-the-counter or prescribed pain relief is usually available to patients with these conditions. However, there is a higher risk of becoming dependent on these substances.

Supplements like Devil’s Claw have shown promise as a more natural alternative to pain relief without the added risks. An article by Very Well Health states that patients taking this substance reduce their pain levels significantly.

Improving bone density and repairs cartilage

One of the most destructive features of arthritis could be how it degrades the bone and erodes the cartilage of the joints. As the joints become more worn, patients experience more pain, and having the pressure from the inflamed tissue surrounding it, makes it even harder to cope with daily.

There are a few different factors that could influence bone density and maintenance of the cartilage. However, supplements like calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D, B6, C, and K could positively affect the joints and improve the patient’s symptoms.

Combining treatments are more successful

Depending on their severity, medications could play a vital role in managing the conditions. Still, they could also have unwanted side effects like deterioration of vision that supplements like vitamin A can ward off.

Some patients may supplement their treatment with other healthy alternatives and the vitamins and minerals their bodies need while following their chronic treatment with their rheumatologist. Furthermore, most patients with arthritic conditions found a specific combination of all these that will be beneficial to their particular set of symptoms. Thus, more people include supplements in their regimens.

Backing the benefits with research

Because so many people have spoken out openly about the improvements they have seen for themselves after taking supplements for their arthritis, getting scientific proof was the next logical step to prove these claims. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, 90% of patients with arthritic conditions have tried various supplements, including marine-derived substances, to help manage their condition. For this reason, scientists are continuously researching the effects of these additions and the projected outcomes for each type.

Concluding the discussion

Although arthritis could become debilitating to some, others have found relief in adding supplements to their daily regimen. Rheumatologists and scientists could also provide in-depth insights into why supplements could be crucial to the treatment process. Furthermore, the glowing reviews from other patients with similar conditions who are successfully supplementing their treatment could be an excellent indicator of how these supplements help to manage arthritis pain.