How Psychedelic-Assisted Healing Is Changing The Way We Approach Mental Health

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Mental health is a topic that isn’t talked about in some parts of the world as much as needed. And when it is talked about, people think of it as some sort of an illness that can not be cured easily. This is true to an extent.

People think of long therapy sessions when someone mentions mental health care. But the world is evolving, and so is the field of medicine.

A new way, assisted by Psychedelics, is becoming increasingly popular to help people with their mental problems. It was first adopted in the 1970s, and since then, it has been proven to be more effective than conventional therapeutic methods.

The results of a study from 2016 indicated that psilocybin-assisted patients showed symptoms of improvement almost immediately.

Psychedelics are the use of non-conventional drugs that are derived from plants to help patients improve their mental conditions. Since drugs like LSD and Ketamine are used, this method of treatment is not widely legalized.

In the US, only Ketamine is legally allowed for medical use. This is one of the main reasons that Psychedelic treatment is not the mainstream way for mental health now.

Keep reading this article as we uncover how Psychedelic treatment changes our approach to mental health.

What is Psychedelic Therapy?

Psychedelic treatment is the use of plant-based drugs to cure mental conditions like depression and anxiety. This is a popular way that is used at a controlled level in the US., partially because of legal reasons as well as a lack of research.

Psychedelic-assisted healing is suggested to those patients who do not improve with conventional mental health cures. It is not something that a casual doctor can assist you with.

A medical team of experts will assist the patient’s condition for a considerable duration first; then, they will offer some sessions. Lastly, the patient will be induced with the drug-related to their condition.

The Psychedelic therapy field is not that advanced as its use is not streamlined. However, there are a few places to get psychedelic therapy in Amherst Massachusetts. One should be careful before choosing this method of therapy due to the intense drugs involved.

How Does it Work?

Unlike other biological therapies, psychedelics are a method that can cure chronic mental health conditions. Researchers are not exactly sure how drugs used in psychedelics work. 

But there are a few ways that experts suggest. It is proven that psilocybin drugs alter the conditions of the brain and induce hallucinations in the patient.

The following are ways that Psychedelic treatment works:

  • The patient becomes more open to suggestions from therapists or their hallucinations.
  • Neurotransmitter changes occur inside the brain.
  • Mystical experiences that can influence the decisions and thinking of the patient.

Since the use of Psychedelic drugs can have adverse effects, it is not universally legal to practice methods like ketamine infusion.

How Is Psychedelic Therapy Different from Conventional Therapy?

You might wonder how this treatment is different from normal therapy. After all, you are going to a ‘therapist’ in both cases. Well, Psychedelic is an entirely different approach to mental health conditions.

The following is a list of things that differentiates Psychedelic treatment from other types of therapies:

  • Highly hallucinogenic drugs are used in this case.
  • The patient won’t have to use ordinary medicines and will just talk to their therapist.
  • The condition and actions of a patient are examined over many weeks.
  • A patient might experience ‘high’ sensations after the use of drugs advised.
  • This type of therapy promotes immediate improvement in a patient’s condition.
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Where to Get Psychedelic Therapy?

There are established research centers around the world offering these services. However, an Amherst-based(Massachusetts) therapy center called Cambridge Biotherapies is one of the leading service providers in this world.

This place is where most patients head if they do not show any improvement with available therapy. The following are the services offered by them:

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

This is one of their most sought out services as it can help improve a patient’s mental condition. It is a solution with immediate effects that will last quite a bit. They have Ketamine Integration Therapists to help patients with the induction of such drugs safely.

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Accelerated TMS

According to studies carried out by Stanford University, TMS is highly efficient in helping the reduction of depressed thoughts. The study says if TMS is used at an accelerated rate, 90% of the patients will show signs of improvement in 3 to 5 days.

Medication Management

The last of their services is medication management. They have a well-experienced team of professionals that can plan and manage the medical usage of a patient. This will help avoid any adverse side effects and ensure a quick recovery.

Substances Used in Psychedelic Therapy

Patients that do not improve their conditions with the help of conventional therapy refer to Psychedelic therapy. Drugs like Ketamine, LSD, and TMS are used in this process.

These drugs have adverse effects like hallucinations and the altering of brain psychology. This might seem bad, but they have a brighter side. Psychedelic-assisted use of Ketamine improves the patient’s condition in less than a week on average.

Moreover, these drugs help in the permanent cure of mental conditions. Traditional medicine only cures mental conditions for a short time, and they might reappear if the medicine is not taken.

The following are the popular drugs used in Psychedelic therapy:

I. Ketamine

Ketamine is a medicine that is generally used for inducing anesthesia. However, the anesthesia-inducing property can also help in causing dullness to a patient’s brain. As a result, the patient will have a break from their depressed and anxious thoughts. This will give the patient time to adapt to a peaceful reality.


This is a hallucinogen that can have severe effects as well as increased abuse temptations. LSD is classed as a Schedule I drug in the US, which makes it illegal for use. Nevertheless, Psychedelic centers use it carefully so it can help chronically ill mental health patients.


This is a widely accepted drug that enables magnetic simulation inside a patient’s brain. Patients that are not able to recover from depression through normal therapy use this drug. TMS is also helpful for patients who seek an immediate end to their mental conditions.

Since Psychedelic-assisted Treatment is not widely used, there are quite a few questions in people’s minds about it. The following are 3 of the most popular questions and their answers regarding this new way of treatment for mental health issues.

Final Thoughts

Traditionally, people go to a psychiatrist who will have long discussions with patients. And then, the patient is put on medicine, which takes months to have any effects on their mental conditions.

Come Psychedelic-assisted therapy; patients can show improvement in symptoms with mental conditions in less than a week. This method also ensures permanent relief to the patient’s brain.

There are detailed insights into this new way of dealing with mental health conditions in this article. We also discussed various drugs that are used in this process. It has transformed the way we approach mental health as patients can cure much more quickly. And also, the worries of patients can now be put away at once.

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Is Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Safe?

The number one question that comes to a person’s mind before going for psychedelic treatment is safety. It is not some treatment that a doctor can provide in their office, hence the worries regarding its safety. But rest assured, as the patient is thoroughly examined before taking action. Moreover, only high-qualified experts in this field can carry out such methods. So it is definitely a safe option if the requirements are met.

What are the Expenses of Psychedelic Therapy?

Psychedelic therapy can cost quite a bit of money. The reason is its limited exposure in the medical field. However, medical insurance should be able to cover the expenses of Psychedelic therapy easily.

Who Should Get Psychedelic Treatment?

Since Psychedelic treatment involves the using Schedule III and higher drugs, it is not something anyone can get. Generally, those patients who struggle with severe anxiety and depression are referred to this treatment method. Anyone seeking an immediate cure for their mental health problems can go for this option. But it is recommended to try conventional therapy before going for Psychedelic treatment.