How Long Can Someone Live on Home Dialysis?

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Apart from a kidney transplant, dialysis is the only available treatment for people with kidney failure. People who are not eligible for a kidney transplant must go through dialysis frequently. To avoid the difficulties associated with going to the hospital or center almost every day to receive dialysis treatment, home dialysis is a perfect option.

Home dialysis as the name indicates is performed at your home. You can know more regarding home dialysis by visiting There are many questions associated with home dialysis, and ones regarding the life span of the patient on home dialysis are extremely common. 

Today due to advancements in the medical field, dialysis patients can live healthy lives for 5,10, 20, or even more years. However, the life span of a home dialysis patient varies from person to person and is determined by different factors. A detailed discussion regarding the factors that influence the length of life of people living on home dialysis is shared below.

Factors Determining The Life Span of People on Home Dialysis

The factors that help in figuring out the number of years a patient can live on home dialysis include:

Health Condition

The factor significantly influencing the lifespan of people living on home dialysis is their health condition. People suffering from cardiac problems, liver disease, diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, and other such issues are likely to have a short life span as compared to healthy people. Low immunity, weakness, and many other reasons contribute to the shortened lifespan of such people. 


The next factor that determines the length of time a person can live on home dialysis is age. Young people have a higher survival rate, hence can live on dialysis for many years. However, aged people cannot live much longer on home dialysis. The body of an old person lacks the power to bear the intensity of home dialysis. An old body cannot function properly and can experience many other health problems like cardiac issues while going through dialysis treatment. Also, people diagnosed with kidney issues at old age have a lower survival rate than those who are diagnosed at a young age. 

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Willpower And Motivation

Willpower and motivation play a significant role in determining how long one can live on home dialysis. Studies have proved that people believing that they will fight the disease have a higher recovery rate. So, dialysis patients with strong willpower live longer than those who have little willpower. If any of your family members are going through home dialysis treatment, then you must make them feel motivated and assure them that they will fight the diseases soon. 

The Quality of Home Dialysis System

Quality of the system that is used for performing dialysis at home significantly influences the treatment. A poor-quality system cannot cleanse or filter the blood efficiently and hence result in people on home dialysis live for fewer years.  A doctor or medical expert will help you in setting up a good quality home dialysis system. You need to ensure that your home dialysis system is of excellent quality so that you or your patient can enjoy life for more years.


The way one lives greatly influences the number of years he or she will live on home dialysis. A person who smokes, eats unhealthily, performs no exercise, and has a lazy lifestyle usually lives for fewer years than the one who maintains a healthy lifestyle. Research has proved that people who consume a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy lifestyle greatly benefit from dialysis and are expected to live for more years. 


Gender also plays a vital role in determining how long a patient can live on home dialysis. Women going through home dialysis have a slower recovery rate and hence have a shorter lifespan. Men, on the other hand, have a higher recovery rate, and thus can live more on home dialysis. 

The Attitude of Patient

The way the patient follows the treatment and takes precautionary measures also impacts the length of time he/she will live. Patients with a positive attitude i.e., the one following everything prescribed by the doctor have a better recovery rate and thus live longer. 

Mental Health

Just like willpower, mental health also influences the life expectancy of people who are on home dialysis. Patients dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and other such issues are unable to enjoy a quality life for long. Doctors and medical experts also emphasize the importance of keeping dialysis patients happy and entertained.  


Increasing The Life Expectancy of People on Home Dialysis

By taking some measures you can easily increase the life expectancy of people on home dialysis. These measures include:

  1. Consuming a Healthy Diet: You can boost your recovery rate by consuming a kidney-friendly diet. Patients who eat fruits and vegetables that improve their kidneys’ function benefit from home dialysis to a great extent. Doctors also suggest patients to eat healthily to increase life expectancy. 
  2. Following The Doctor’s Prescription: To live a healthy life while receiving dialysis treatment, you need to follow everything your doctor prescribes. Always remember to consult your doctor upon noticing anything unusual. 
  3. Maintaining a Healthy Routine: Staying just in bed makes one lazy and depressed. You can increase life expectancy by staying active. Even while receiving home dialysis, you can continue to perform your daily tasks. Maintaining a healthy routine will not only keep you entertained but will also improve the kidneys’ functionality. 

Final Verdict

To sum up it can be said that there is no final figure that can answer the question regarding how long one can live while receiving home dialysis. If cared for properly, a person can even survive for 20 or more years. 

Several factors play a role in determining how long a dialysis patient will live.  Only a doctor can provide you with a rough figure after considering all these factors. Remember to adopt a positive attitude and follow your doctor’s advice to live a healthy and long life while receiving your home dialysis treatment.