How Can Dentists Help with Snoring Issues

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Snoring is an unpleasant health issue that has a negative effect on your sleep quality. There are different treatments and methods that promise great results, however, the best place to ask for help is – the dentist’s office. That’s right, the dentist can help you with snoring issues, caused mainly by other health problems such as sleep apnea. So here are some ways that dentists can help treat snoring issues.

It’s important to find snoring causes

There are many causes of snoring: obesity, late-night alcohol consumption or your sleeping position, to name only a few. Therefore, be sure to find the cause of your snoring issues, before you start looking for the best treatment. 

In the case of sleep apnea, things can be a bit more difficult. Sleep apnea is a condition when breathing stops between snores. If left untreated, this condition can lead to cardiovascular issues. Also, it can diminish your quality of sleep by making it less restful, which can then lead to fatigue during the day.

Is there a way dentists can help here? 

Dentists can help here by running a series of tests. These tests will monitor your sleep and snoring patterns. So according to these patterns, it’s possible to determine whether the patient is suffering from sleep apnea. Plus, there are devices that can help with your snoring issues. 

Oral appliances

These appliances are inserted into a place in the mouth while you sleep. If you have sleep apnea, then chances are that the obstructed airways or tongue falling back is the main reason behind it. This oral appliance realigns the jaw and keeps the tongue from moving. It is similar to mouthguards or orthodontic retainers. Your trusted dentist can help you fit it properly in the mouth during the initial consultation. These appliances are non-invasive, small and portable, which makes them a great choice if you’re travelling often. 

A CPAP machine

A CPAP device fits over the mouth and then connects to a machine that regulates your breathing as you sleep. Some devices come with a full-face mask, while others have a mask that fits over just the nose and mouth. If you’re suffering from severe sleep apnea, then it’s best to look for a CPAP machine.

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Such machines are larger and less comfortable, but they’re often the best sleep apnea treatment to look for. If you’re hesitant to give them a try due to less comfort, then keep in mind that these are often the most useful step in the right direction, especially considering how effective they are. Once you get used to it, you’ll be able to sleep soundly even with a mask on. 

Choosing the right dentist 

If you know a licensed sleep specialist, then feel free to give them a try. Otherwise, a dentist will likely help you deal with any snoring or sleep apnea related issue. A good dentist should have all the relevant degrees and certificates displayed in their office. Also, they should always be forthcoming and ready to answer all your questions. Addressing patients’ concerns is a must-have skill in any medical field. Hence, be sure to discuss all your sleeping issues and snoring troubles with your dentist prior to choosing the best treatment. 

Regular dental checkups are important 

Since snoring can cause dry mouth and a lack of saliva, it’s important to take good care of your teeth. Dry mouth cannot only cause dental cavities but also burning mouth syndrome and gym disease. This is why regular dental checkups are important: they can help detect any issues on time and find appropriate treatments before it’s too late. Snoring can also lead to teeth grinding, and this condition is known to cause tooth damage. Seeing your dentist regularly can prevent all of these dental and oral problems.

In conclusion 

Sleep apnea and snoring are serious issues that need to be dealt with immediately before they cause further health problems. A dentist can help you determine the best treatment that will be of great help, however, it’s important to improve your lifestyle, so you’ll be able to have a sound and peaceful sleep.