How advanced technology has improved the cosmetic surgery industry

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Cosmetic surgery has been a part of human life since as far back as the 1400s when nose jobs took the top spot for procedures. These procedures give people the chance to change their bodies for something they prefer which allows them to feel more confident in themselves. This confidence will then lead to a more positive outlook on life too. 

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the industry is currently estimated to reach a worth of 46 billion dollars by 2026. This is a result of the growing acceptance of procedures as well as better technology which is only enhancing the capabilities that doctors have when performing this type of surgery. 

This article will discuss the reasons why advancements in technology have improved the cosmetic surgery industry. Read on to find out more. 

What are the most popular procedures?

Before delving into how advanced technology is aiding the success of cosmetic surgery around the world, it’s important to understand what the most popular procedures are. Here are the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgeries according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries.


  1. Breast enlargement 
  2. Breast reduction 
  3. Blepharoplasty
  4. Abdominoplasty
  5. Liposuction 


  1. Rhinoplasty
  2. Otoplasty
  3. Blepharoplasty 
  4. Breast reduction 
  5. Liposuction 

How are modern technologies helping to make cosmetic surgery better?

Many new procedures now take place which results in great success and happier clients when they walk away with their new features. Here are some examples:

Computer-assisted imaging 

This is one of the most prominent examples. It allows surgeons to identify exact specifications so that the results match what the client is expecting. Thanks to this, even the most difficult procedures yield top results for patients, plus they can be done more efficiently. 

Laser procedures 

Lasers have become influential in this industry as they provide a much more precise way to perform the surgery, particularly with skin. These are most commonly used to fix large brown spots as well as wrinkles and are also extremely safe to perform.


The growing knowledge of tissue engineering 

These ground-breaking advancements in tissue engineering have helped to increase the chances of successful procedures. This is because this innovation now means that tissues can restore, maintain, improve or even replace existing ones which allows for more innovation in the cosmetic surgery field. 


This has become the new norm in this industry and results in successful procedures that leave behind very little scarring. They involve tiny incisions made by small devices which leave behind no marks that can be seen. With this surgery, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to see if someone has had any work done which is why it is so attractive to clients.