High-Tech Dentistry: FromLaser Treatments to Digital Impressions

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It’s no news that people are avoiding trips to the dentist. The reasons are variable but often revolve around the pain and discomfort that come with dental routines. High-tech dentistry aims to resolve this issue through improvements and new developments.

What Does the Future of Dentistry Look Like?

So, what does high-tech dentistry look like and how will it shape the future of oral health?

The Use of Digital Workflows

One of the biggest issues in dentistry borders on the length of treatment. Not everyone loves to wait many weeks for their dentures while paying multiple visits to the dentist. This downside leads to a loss of interest in dental procedures and routines.

However, the introduction of digital workflows allows for the automation of various tasks. As a result, efficiency is improved and time taken is reduced to a minimum. For instance, any dentist Brighton residents are familiar with can now apply dental crowns in one visit rather than needing multiple.

Advancements in Intra-Oral Cameras

One mainstay in dental procedures is the use of mirrors to examine the inner mouth of a patient. Though useful, this process gets uncomfortable for both parties. However, advancements in dentistry and the incorporation of technology means we’re moving on from this inconvenience.

With the recent improvements, dentists can now employ intra-oral cameras for examination purposes. Dentists no longer need to hold mirrors for long and patients don’t have to keep their mouths open for too long.

Augmented Reality Training

Augmented reality simply refers to a blend of the real world with the virtual space. It’s a well-known concept that’s heating up in many sectors. It has also found its way to dentistry and with it comes numerous advancements.

For instance, dentistry students can now engage in practical exercises on a “virtual mouth” in real-time. This paves the way for improved learning through immediate feedback and better-illustrated lessons.

Regenerative Dentistry

One of the many signs of the transition to high-tech dentistry is the introduction of regenerative dentistry. As the name implies, it deals with the use of technology to provide therapies that allow the healing and regeneration of damaged teeth.

It involves the use of dental fillings that allow teeth to heal, meaning you don’t have to say goodbye to your teeth anymore. What it also means is that soon, dentistry will be moving beyond invasive treatments for damaged teeth.

Tele dentistry

If you don’t want to wait all the time before meeting your dentist, then tele dentistry is a welcomed development for you. Through this, patients can now consult their dentists through their communication devices such as webcams and smartphones.

What this means is that you can get instant feedback on any complaint without the need for a physical appointment. This is a great boost in the field of dentistry as it allows patients to keep in touch with dentists regardless of their location.


And with these developments in sight, the future of dentistry is looking bright. Patients no longer need to think twice about dental visits. And since we’re in an age of high-tech dentistry, it’s only a matter of time before we enter a seamless period.