Here’s What Total Care Looks Like When It Comes to Medical Needs

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When it comes to your family’s healthcare needs, you want the best care available. It’s important to have qualified medical professionals at a professional facility available to care for your family when necessary. 

Having all the specialty fields under one roof and working together is a picture of the Total Care your family will receive at a Total care Clinic. 

Family Medicine

The Family Medicine and Primary Care physicians at your local Total Care Clinic are trained to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for people of all ages and genders. They study many diseases and most parts of the body to ensure they can provide the most up-to-date relevant care at the time of your visit.

Whether a family member is sick, suffering from allergies, or is due for a wellness visit, the Primary Care physicians at your local Total Care Clinic are ready to help. We understand that today’s schedules are fast paced, so we offer extended hours and weekend appointments to ensure your family member is seen as quickly as possible when it’s convenient for you.

Emergency Room


Sometimes your healthcare can’t wait, and you need to be seen immediately. The highly trained physicians in the emergency room at a Total Care Clinic can respond. Often, you can be seen more quickly than you would be at a traditional emergency room. With labs, imaging, and physicians all under one roof the answers to your emergency care don’t have to wait. 

When you or a family member suffers a broken bone, serious burn, seizure or other illness which requires immediate care the Total care Clinic is equipped to handle it. If they already see a Primary Care or other physician at the Total Care Clinic, then all the doctors are in one location to collaborate on a total care approach to that patient’s healthcare.  

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health is an approach that includes psychological and social well being with treatments based in clinical services. It is an essential part of a patient’s total healthcare which is why it’s included in the services offered. Your local Total Care Clinic can help improve patients’ mental health with quality care that supports perception and cognitive behavior. The Behavioral Health Branch also offers evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

Urgent Care

The Urgent Care department at a Total Care Clinic is the middle ground between your primary care physician and potentially life-threatening illnesses or injuries which require emergency care. Minor illnesses or injuries that can’t wait, like a twisted ankle or high fever, are prime for the Urgent Care department at a Total Care Clinic. The highly skilled physicians have access to all the best equipment to provide you with the best Urgent Care available. 

Partner with a Total Care Clinic Today

Partnering with a Total Care Clinic means having all your healthcare under one roof. It’s convenient and it gives you and your family quick, easy access to top quality care. With all your healthcare under one roof, doctors can collaborate together to provide the best approach to your total healthcare. You want the best for your family and the total care approach at a Total Care Clinic is unparalleled.