How To Help Your Aging Parents Move To An Assisted Living Community

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Your parents always hope they can stay in their home forever because of the many memories they’ve made over the years. However, when they start to age, they may be unable to take care of themselves due to underlying medical conditions like Schizophrenia, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, or general exhaustion. They may be unable to shower, clean the house, keep up with medication, or prepare meals, all of which are vital for their daily lives.

Seeing your parents going through this can be painful, especially if you can’t be around to help them because you have a full-time job or you live in a different state. In this case, moving your parents to an assisted living community is the most feasible option. It’ll help you ensure your parents get help around the clock. 

Besides finding the facility, you must assist your parents in moving to their new place so they won’t feel alone. With that in mind, below are ways in which you can help your aging parents move to an assisted living community:  

Find A Suitable Assisted Living Facility Matching Your Parents Needs

Finding a suitable facility that’ll effectively cater to your parents’ needs is imperative so they can get better and feel comfortable. So, start by doing your search as early as possible and ask your parents to help so they don’t feel left out. There are various top-rated assisted living communities in your area where you can find help. It all starts with knowing what your parents need. 

If your parents have memory illnesses like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, look for facilities that can provide support and help them manage their condition. Advanced senior living communities have lavished apartments with state-of-the-art amenities that can significantly benefit your parents. They can access interior saltwater pools, entertainment, golf courts, bowling alleys, and workout centers.  

Therefore, it is best to take your time to assess all options to find the best Vivante senior locations near you to make a move easier.

Speak With Your Parents First 

It’s best to talk with your parents about them moving into an assisted living facility. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to them because chances are they might turn down the offer. You can consult them first and introduce the idea a few months before your proposed moving date. It helps them internalize the information, think about it, prepare for it psychologically, and give their opinions on the matter.  

Take A Tour To The Facility

After you identify a few potential facilities for your parents, you can visit them. They may be hesitant at first because they’re afraid of a new environment. But once you convince them to come along, they may see the benefits of moving to assisted living facilities.

During your tour, chat with the facility staff and other aging individuals. It’s best to speak to the people who will be staying with your parents to know what life is like in such places. 

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Help Your Parents Arrange All Their Items 

Moving your parents into a home isn’t easy. Thus, take time to arrange everything so nothing is left behind. Allow your parents to choose the things they’d like to set aside because they may be sentimental to them. You can help your parents move in the following ways: 

  • Create a list of essential items they’ll need, including clothing, furniture, bedding, kitchenware, and other crucial household stuff.
  • Pack their medications and all necessary documents while staying at the assisted living facility. 
  • Prepare a contact list of all siblings, relatives, and close friends so they can communicate freely.  
  • Find a reliable moving company.
  • Give away the things they’ll no longer need or put them into storage, especially if they’re giving up their current house for good. 
  • Label all their items so they don’t get lost in the facility.

Of course, aging parents may be unable to manage the move individually. So, take charge of everything for a successful move.

Decorate Their Room 

An excellent way for your parents to adjust to the new place is by bringing in the things they’re already familiar with, like family photos, reading materials, or an heirloom. You can also bring their favorite furniture and let them use it. Also, consider adding pieces of artwork to the room and helping them decorate the courtyard so they can always appreciate the look. These little things foster seamless continuity from their previous residence, which is better than starting an entirely new life.

Give Them Time To Adjust 

It may take time before your parents get used to the community and the atmosphere. Thus, give them enough time to adjust to their surroundings. If they complain about anything, be supportive and convince them about the advantages of staying in the facility. You can take time and live with them for a while until they get used to the people in the facility. You can also encourage them to make friends by engaging in activities and hobbies like gardening, swimming, playing chess, solving puzzles, or exercising.

Always Visit And Keep In Touch

You wouldn’t want your parents to feel lonely and deserted in the assisted living community. Thus, it is best to consistently contact your parents through phone or video calls whenever you’re free. You can also visit and spend time with them once a week. 


Helping your aging parents move into an assisted facility lets you know they’ll be safe in their new place. So, take your time to find the right facility your parents will enjoy staying in and get reliable support for their needs.