Genucel is Not Your Typical Skincare Product

Skin Care

Genucel’s skincare product line is not your typical skin care product line. . It is one of the most exposed skincare treatments that been recognized by many because of its miraculous acne treatment, it also helps preventing new breakouts, and most of all it gives skin a mirror-like appearance. The brand does not make exaggerated promises that other brands routinely do. Instead, Genucel by Chamonix is about using scientifically proven substances and all-natural ingredients to help the skin look and feel younger and more healthier.

Most skincare companies offer a product that they claim can improve the skin dramatically. This is often a flawed and exaggerated claim. The skin is your body’s largest organ. We may not realize it, but the skin is longer and bigger than any other organ by far. It not only protects us but is also a vital part of our appearance. Perhaps this is why there are so many beauty care products for the skin.

Genucel’s approach is vastly different than most of its competitors. Offering a miracle cream is just not realistic or honest. Your body has many different skin areas that need different treatments.

The skin around the eyes, the forehead, neck, chin, and face, in general, all have different properties. Their different properties mean that different kinds of creams and ingredients are needed to have an effective impact on these different areas. A one cream fits all approach is going to be ineffective and is a deceptive form of marketing by many cosmetic companies out there.

The Genucel approach is a targeted approach to facial skincare. Instead of just creating one cream and directing people to apply it everywhere, the brand has created many different products for all the different parts of the face. The result is more effective creams that actually deliver results for customers. After all, you cannot expect under-eye creams to be also effective in reducing wrinkles in the forehead.

One of the secret ingredients in Genucel’s creams is plant stem cells. These kinds of cells are well known for their medical use in skin and organ regeneration. The plant stem cells are combined with other natural plant-based ingredients such as antioxidants extracted from Goji berries, green tea leaves, and algae.

These active antioxidants and plant stem cells create a highly effective cream that reduces puffiness in and around the eyes. Marine collagen is also found in Genucel eye creams. Collagen is what makes our skin elastic and look youthful and healthy.

Production of collagen decreases with age and is one of the reasons why our skin tends to look worse as we age. Sun exposure, stress, and poor nutrition can also result in more wrinkly and less healthy skin. Genucel’s creams help restore collagen to our skin and give it a more supple appearance. The plant cells, marine collagen, and antioxidants all combine together to create a powerful eye cream contained with a gentle carrier cream that works.

Another product by Genucel that targets the eye area is its eyelid treatment cream. This product’s main ingredient is Vitamin E. It is an essential vitamin to help keep the skin smooth, soft, and supple. Vitamin E has also been proven to have a beneficial impact on the eyelids. It can improve the appearance of droopy eyelids and make the eyes look healthier and more youthful overall.

Genucel’s eyelid treatment cream also contains natural peptides. These are the building blocks of vital proteins such as collagen, which is needed for the skin to remain firm, elastic, and look healthy. Vitamin E and natural peptides combine to create a powerful effect on the eyelids that work inside and outside the skin to make it not only look healthier but become healthier and more youthful as well.

Genucel’s creams are made without the use of mineral oils and parabens. These inexpensive synthetic ingredients are used as carriers in skincare products. They also help the body absorb the active ingredients in creams. Synthetic ingredients such as mineral oil can irritate sensitive skin. This is why Genucel’s skincare products are made with gentle and safe essential oils such as calendula flower essential oil.