Futuristic Features of Light Therapy

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Who hasn’t dreamt of the lavish futuristic spa treatment? If we are being realistic, almost all of us suffer from various skin conditions. Achieving flawless skin is a dream for everyone, and we use substantial time and money to bring out the best result. However, nowadays, technology has been advanced a lot, so is our beauty routine. Modern science has presented us with a technology that can give us flawless skin within a few minutes. You guessed right; we are talking about light therapy devices. Social media sites are going crazy with such devices. Many models and influencers started using these incredible devices and gained substantial benefits. Now, trendy people around the world are using these devices to have a taste of the future.

The promise of light therapy is simple. It heals your skin from the inside and removes the aging signs. Your wrinkles, dark spots, acne get vanished, and you are left with clear, younger-looking skin. Light therapy induces healing the skin from the inside while helping the skin to produce collagen and elastin protein, which can make one’s skin healthy, beautiful, and flawless.

LED Light Therapy

On the eve of the 20th century, US Navy SEALs developed a therapy incorporated with lights to heal wounds and muscle tissues rapidly. Later NASA perfected the technology to use this for astronauts. Since then, numerous researches have been conducted, and within the 21st century, the handheld and lightboxes versions of light therapy became widely available. With LED lights being more prominent and affordable, their use has been skyrocketed. LED lights are very small in size and come in a wide range of colors. Each light has its own benefit on the skin while being safe due to not containing harmful UV-rays. Therefore, it created a certain buzz among the users and funneled the interest for a wide range of audiences.

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Benefits of Light Therapy

This is the 21st century, and our lives are pretty busy. Nevertheless, our desire to look perfect has never been higher. In such cases, light therapy has arrived as our savior. A twenty-minute light therapy session can bring out a dramatic change in our look within as few as ten appointments. From getting rid of age spots, acne inflammation, and wrinkles, light therapy also helps with the pigmentation in our skin. The different colored lights help the skin with different benefits. Such as:

Red Light

This light has the biggest wavelength of visible light. Therefore, it can penetrate the deepest part of the skin. Red light therapy has various benefits, like helping collagen and elastin production of the skin get a significant boost. This gives your skin a fuller and smoother look while making the fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Another benefit of red light therapy devices is, they make the fluid circulation of your skin much improved. That cures skin irritation and inspires the skin to glow.

Blue Light

Blue light targets the outermost part of your skin, aka oil glands. Oily skin is a very common problem among the world population. The oils from oil glands make the dirt stuck in the skin, which results in zits and acne. Blue light helps in deactivating the oil glands and kills the bacteria responsible for such skin conditions. Thus your skin keeps away from pimples, cysts, or nodules and restores the natural beauty. From research done in 2018, it’s also evident that blue light can heal third-degree burns within less time and helps to remove the scars from the burn too.

Amber Light

Although amber lights are not very common in cheap light therapy devices, they are very benefitting for the skin. It helps in the pigmentation of the skin. Therefore, your skin forgets about the paleness and gives you a vibrant look. It also brings a calming effect to your mind and body.

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Getting your Light Therapy

You can either choose to get your light therapy from a professional light therapy center or at-home devices. Each has its own pros and cons. Let’s go over both procedures for your convenience.

Home Procedure

The at-home light therapy devices either come in lightboxes or wands and mask forms. You need to expose your bare skin for a certain time to these lights to receive the benefit from the therapy. Each device comes with specific manufacturer instructions. Follow the procedure accordingly, and you are golden.

Professional Procedure

If you choose to consult a professional to receive your light therapy, you may need to book an appointment beforehand. It may take up to ten appointments to receive your optimum result. Each session may last for twenty minutes. The devices are often medical-grade, and some may require to just expose yourself under the light, while others may require brushing light wands against your skin. This procedure varies depending on the professional and the requirements for your skin.

Treated areas

Your whole body can get benefitted from light therapy. Although, the consumers tend to treat the visible parts of the skin to go under light therapy. Getting light therapy for the face is the most prominent of them all. Other than the face, the neck, chest, and other body parts that tend to show the aging signs are popular places to administer under light therapy.

Everyone craves to have attractive and flawless skin. With light therapy, this desire can be turned into a reality. So, try this futuristic form of therapy and live your best life.