Funny Memes Mostly For Nursing Students


Medicine-related courses are often regarded as the most serious and complicated ones anyone could offer. Dealing with issues as critical as life and death can be quite overwhelming, even for nursing students. There are, however, many memes that can help nursing students ease off the stress and have a good laugh or two to make them feel lighter. 

Some Nursing Student Memes on the Internet 

Nursing students are known to always read a lot of books. We can’t blame them for always seeking nursing assignment help. Their heavy workload can be burdensome sometimes.

We have to give a thumbs up to student nurses.  It’s not easy trying to memorize a long list of drugs’ names, their origin, and usage at once.  

When your best friend who isn’t a student nurse tries to impress you with a gift on your birthday. Sometimes, student nurses need to breathe and do something ordinary. You could have done better Tricia!!

Dealing with different kinds of patients in the hospital. One of the commonest questions frequently asked when a student nurse gives a shot is;

“Is this your first time giving an injection?”

More Memes You Would Find Interesting 

Dealing with nosy people

People: Do you need to carry a stethoscope around? You’re just a student.

You: People don’t have microphones in their chests you know.

Bathing patients for the first time

You: That would be all.

Patient: Aren’t you gonna go down there?

You: Nope, it’s self-cleaning 

Giving your first real patient a shot

Patient: I don’t want it to hurt.

You: Okay, I’ll just pretend you’re an orange, they never complained it hurt.

When people underestimate you

People: She’s just a nursing student.

You: Yeah, with 800 pages on how to pierce your skin in my head.

Too much drama for a student 

You: Why do nursing students have to wear scrubs we aren’t even registered nurses yet.

Teacher: Yeah right, the oranges need to know you’re an aspiring nurse.


When you have to read 7 books for one course only to answer 50 questions in the exam hall.

You: I guess the other stuff doesn’t matter.

Judgemental patients.

Patient: You’re too rude for a student nurse.

You: Well, it comes with the whole nursing package, don’t blame me.


Friends: It’s the weekend, let’s have some fun.

You: Great! I wanna drown in a pool of my homework.

Celebrating nurses week

People: happy nurses week

You: I just want to survive this week without breaking down

Your appearance

 People: You can do better, you’re a nurse!

The stress of going through nursing school can make you forget how to tidy up your own room. It doesn’t have to always be that way though. 

Attending classes 

You: I wish the school burned down overnight

We all have to admit that at one point or the other, we hated the idea of going to school, or seeing our bosses. Unless you have never nursed that thought, don’t judge a nurse.


Nursing memes are numerous and equally hilarious. Like other students, nursing students deserve to laugh often because they are humans after all.