Freelancing For The Dental Industry Is Here

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Nowadays, everybody is freelancing. People turn their cars into taxi cabs and drive strangers around whenever they have a little extra time. People turn spare rooms in their homes into makeshift hotels. Advertisers wear bathrobes instead of suits and ties to work. 

The dental profession is no different. Temporary work for dental hygienists is on the rise. Hygienists have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and dentist offices always have a need for a hygenist. No matter what else changes in the world, people will always have problems with their teeth. 

How hygienists go about getting jobs has changed with the times. The dental industry is switching from using dental temporary agencies to using apps. There are a few good reasons why this transition is taking place.

How Temporary Agencies Work

There are temporary agencies devoted strictly to the dental profession. The recruiting agents maintain a relationship with many different dentist offices and have a large database of hygienists to choose from. 

If you decide to go through a temporary agency, you will go to a job interview, and they will do a background check on you. They will make sure that your license is up to date, and they will contact your references. You will let them know when you are available, and they will call you when a dentist in your area has a job.

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Dentists have been using temporary agencies for quite a while. Most dentists still rely on this time-tested method of getting temporaries to an office. 

Unfortunately, most of these companies rely on you to call in by a certain time to let them know if you are available. If you do not remember to call or cannot get through, you may not get work that day. 

A recruiter must find multiple temporaries for multiple offices in a single day. When they have a job available, they may call several temporaries and leave messages. The temporary who gets the job will be the first one who calls back. A temporary may call them back a couple of times during the day only to find that the job is filled.

How Dental Temporary Apps Work

The internet age has improved things for temporary employees and the employers who need them. There are several apps on the market that provide dentists with temporary employees.

Dentists sign up for the app by creating a profile about their office. They will list such things as the hours and location of the office. When they have a job available, They will list the dates of the job, how much it pays, and the times the employee is expected to be there. They will also list the lunch break and break times for the job.

When a hygienist wants to sign up for the service, they will create a profile. They will list their dental license number, and once it is confirmed, they will be able to make themselves available to take jobs.

If they set their app to available, they will get alerts about available gigs. If they hit accept, their resume goes to the dentist’s office. The dentist will then accept or deny that particular hygienist. It is as easy as ordering grocery delivery or a ride service.

Freelancing puts you in charge of your work schedule. Setting your own schedule lets you live with less stress and enjoy your life more. If you’re interested in knowing more about freelancing in semiretirement, you can read further here.