Experts from Talkspace Explain How Therapy Works

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Most people who recover from various mental conditions admit to having trouble identifying a reliable solution. While some heal by medication, the majority confess to recovering fully through therapy. Talkspace, the health tech firm, is a leader in providing online therapy solutions that shaped many mental disorder patients’ lives.

Thousands of licensed professional therapists connect with clients through a secure platform, including its website and mobile app. Its contribution to the industry has ended therapy trauma because it supports private sessions, unlike face-to-face methods.

Symptoms of a Therapy Candidate

Most people experience changes in lifestyle in their lives. Some of the changes disappear, while others keep recurring. Sadly, very few realize that they have mental problems during the initial stages. The beauty is that it’s never too late to consult a therapist after identifying an abnormal change in one’s lifestyle.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) is one of the conditions that make individuals experience such changes. High anxiety levels, eating disorders, and abnormal sleeping patterns are some signs that call for an appointment with a therapist.

Knowing When to Find a Therapist

Most individuals suffer silently because of the perception that therapy is a costly affair, although Talkspace has made it affordable and reliable. Other individuals claim that they don’t have time for the session. Again, the company has brought the services close enough through the app. However, the people who decide to go through the sessions display a high level of commitment to reclaim their mental health.

Cynthia Catching, LCSW-S, points out that such individuals become unstoppable. Catching is the firm’s licensed therapist from Virginia. She explains that they desire to meet therapy immediately to do away with their conditions and negative emotions. After enrolling for therapy sessions, they never skip sessions. Cynthia reiterates that ambitious clients arrive for the sessions earlier than the agreed time, hence, respond quickly to therapy.

Best Time to Meet a Therapist

According to Catching, therapy sessions have no fixed timetables, although most therapists do it weekly or once after two weeks. She notes that some individuals attend daily sessions according to the severity of their conditions. Her long-term clients attend once per month, and others weekly. Catching notes that severe anxiety, depression, and dependence issues require long-term therapy sessions.

Identifying Recovery Signs

It’s noteworthy to mention that therapy doesn’t produce overnight results. However, clients feel some changes in mind and body as the session continues. In most cases, their thoughts and feelings change positively.

Additionally, they become empowered after realizing the gradual improvement. However, Catching insists that the clients utilize the correct therapeutic tools and techniques to benefit from it. Additionally, they must remember that change depends on them.

Therapy isn’t the only solution to mental problems. However, it provides a long-term solution to the heart, mind, and soul. The beauty is that therapists act as trusted and skilled mentors who help them approach life differently. Medication provides short-term benefits that later lead to therapy.

About Talkspace

The tech startup from New York has bridged the gap between clients and therapists. Its affordable rates allow users to connect with the professionals conveniently and privately. Besides, clients choose the best communication method that meets their expectations, including text, chats, and video calls. The connection happens shortly after a simple registration process.